NIV Ezekiel 8.12

Verse Ezekiel 8.12

12 He said to me, "Son of man, have you seen what the elders of Israel are doing in the darkness, each at the shrine of his own idol? They say, ‘The Lord does not see us; the Lord has forsaken the land.’"

Verse Ezekiel 8.12 He Said To Me,

Daryl Miranda opinion on Verse Ezekiel 8.12 He Said To Me,

It is the duty of elders and leaders to lead a country or a church to the right direction. This is because a lot of people look up to them to give guidance and direction on where to go or which direction to follow. Leaders are the role model of the society since several people want to emulate them. It is their duty to make sure that their behavior is of high standards and upright so that they do not make their subjects go astray. When a leaders put God first in everything they do their tenure is always peaceful, blessed with rain and food. Their followers obey and come to them for advice since they are full of wisdom and understanding.

A church where the priest is doing the rightful things which makes God happy is full of order, tranquility and just because they fear the Lord. They observe the rule of the law and the commandments to the later to ensure they have good relationship with God and with man. Elders guide people who are lost to follow the right path by welcoming and not discriminating them. Before judging someone they take their time to know the genesis of the problem and find how they could help them out.

Actions of leaders and church elders makes it possible for God to bless a country for he sees righteousness and obedience through them. When they please God the whole nation receive great blessings like bumper harvest, health, security, wealth and good relationship with their neighbours. The nation becomes prosperous and many nations and churches look up to them.

When leaders and church elders choose to do evil because they think that God is not watching them great calamities start to strike the nation. God is jealous and does not like it when you worship other gods apart from him. Serving two masters create confusion for you will serve one better than the other. He is I AM WHO I AM the only true God who gives the air that we breath, gift of life, children, health and wealth freely without charging anything. The only thing he requires from you is total obedience and have faith in him. Other gods would like you to follow harsh terms and conditions like sacrificing a loved one for offerings so as to gain wealth and all your heart desires. Failure to which your life will be at stake and calamities will follow you one after another.

Idol worshiping makes people to do all sorts of evil which are not pleasing in the eyes of God. The result of these actions are disasters, natural calamities, death, famine and plagues. These same elders who have led their flocks astray start to blame God for neglecting their needs. They forget that there is nothing below the sun that cannot be seen by God for his eyes are open and do not blink and his ears are ever alert to every details. God is omnipresent and knows each and everyone of us because he is our heavenly father whose power is mighty and strong.

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