NIV Ezekiel 9.5

Verse Ezekiel 9.5

5 As I listened, he said to the others, "Follow him through the city and kill, without showing pity or compassion.

Verse Ezekiel 9.5 As I Listened, He

Margarita Knutson opinion on Verse Ezekiel 9.5 As I Listened, He

The holy scriptures of the one who created the heavens, the earth and all things tell you about the atrocities committed against those who believe in God in Jesus. This hatred and ruthlessness is the result of the ideological and behavioral differences caused by the deceptive devil of every department. He puts this sin in their hearts and causes them to prepare swords to cut off those who are waiting for the lion of Judah. They would, without the use of their intellectual capacity, agree to follow this dirty conspiracy and devise a poison to give to the faithful who are clothed in faith as their weapons. The devastation and cruelty they inflict on them seems right in front of them due to the persistence within their souls and what they call not being afraid of anything when they are under the sun. Having rejoiced in drinking the blood of those who please the Lord and are proud of the riches they have gained by exploiting the weak. They had to remember the saying that everything borrowed must be returned to the giver or the curse would follow.

These evildoers have caused fear and remorse for God's servants because of the atrocities they commit without concern. They have failed to fear him who can destroy them in seconds and bring them back to their dusty state. Wise counselors have told them to turn from their bad ways, but they have refused, saying that they are unshakable. His law states that everyone who exalts himself will be humbled and despised in the sight of all who have shown them tyranny. The Lord of hosts has raised his voice from heaven to save these creatures from their deadly ways. Though they have heard his voice, they have made their souls faint.

The advocate of the weak is not far from those who cry out to him and need his help in a time like this in which contempt and insults have become a song to them. He will come to fight for them and restore the honor lost due to the pride of those who hate and harden their souls. An unstoppable, unbearable blow will fall on their shoulders and they will go down crying in anger and remorse. Everything they did in the dark in the past, will be rewarded in broad daylight while other creatures witness it. These dictators will order the removal of all his subjects from prison, and they will be stripped of their titles and placed in slavery.

People have to act out of fear of the one who sees everything that hides me, especially out of concern for others who have the ideology of obeying God's law. He is the only one who deserves to be judged righteously and no one else, so he should not exalt himself and kill others. If you continue to live in the faith and fear of the One who fed the birds even though they do not plow or sow, as His blessings and graces will rule your life like a rainbow circling the clouds.

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