NIV Genesis 15.19

Verse Genesis 15.19

19 the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites,

Verse Genesis 15.19 the Land Of The

Journie Swenson opinion on Verse Genesis 15.19 the Land Of The

This were the words of God to his servant Abraham who was referred to Abram and his wife was Sarah. His name was changed to Abraham after they made a covenant with God, his wife's name Sarai was also changed to Sarah. Abram was called at a time when he did not know who God is and never had an idea of him, he was worshiping idols and offers sacrifices to them. Theologically, he is known to be a father of many descendants or father of multitude, he was the son of Terah from Chaldees in a city called Ur and they later moved to Haran. Here is where Terah passed on. Abraham is known as the found of several religious activities such as circumcision where he was the first to circumcise himself and the whole of his household.

He is also regarded as the founder of the covenant race personified in the house of Israel. Father of the faithful where John the Baptist and Paul the saint were his descendants hence he was sufficient enough to secure God's favor. Abrahamic covenant displayed divine revelation about the planetary system, premortal activities and the spirits of mankind. This is because he was chosen by the Lord to be the leader in the kingdom because of his faithfulness that is exalted upon the throne of eternity and his bosom denotes a place for the righteous in a paradise awaiting for resurrection. God made a covenant although Abram was very reluctant to agree with Him because he had no son that would be a heir and inherit his wealth after he has died. The Lord promised to bless him with a son, this was after he showed him the skies and assured him that his descendants will be like the stars in the skies.

God promised him that his generations will be enslaved in foreign nations for four centuries but after their slavery they will benefit and own precious things and given a land. That nation that will make his generations slaves will be greatly punished and the land will be taken away from them. He was promised to age gracefully and die at a very old age and be buried in a land that he was promised but most importantly be buried by his blood people. To mark the covenant, Abram offered a sacrifice including a Ram which is a sign of purity, pigeon and a dove. Blood was a sign that symbolizes confession of sins, it was the only thing that freed human beings from sins at that era but after Jesus she'd his blood at the cross, he changed all things. A flaming torch and a burning fire port passed through as a sign of agreement.

The land that was to be given to Abraham's generation was located between river Euphrates and river Egypt and belonged to Hittites, kenites, Kadmonites, Canaanites and many others. Kenites wer from Midianite tribe that descended from Keturah the wife of Abraham. Hittites descended from Heth a branch of Canaanites and had dark hair and chins and they embraced arts and sculptures by judging the Egyptian monuments.

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