NIV Genesis 15.2

Verse Genesis 15.2

2 But Abram said, "Sovereign Lord, what can you give me since I remain childless and the one who will inherit[c] my estate is Eliezer of Damascus?"

Verse Genesis 15.2 But Abram Said,

Darrius Haley opinion on Verse Genesis 15.2 But Abram Said,

Abram's persistent relationship with God is observed through the promises of the Lord. God guaranteed Abram that his offspring would come to be a great nation from whom will emerge the promised Messiah. Abram pressed God with a tough question about his childlessness. He raised a question firmly and honestly to God; 'what can you give me…? The distress of Abram to have a great and promised gift of a child shows his desires and wants to trust in God He further mumbled saying what is the reason for all the vast land or riches he was going to be rewarded. Despite having no child and evidently, he was very old to have one besides his barren wife Sara. He added that the heir of his throne from his family was the Chief servant Eleazar of Damascus who managed all the affairs of his house. Despite that heir could have been given to anyone who was frock the tribe of Abraham.

Eleazar was his servant, a nice person but not his own son. Abram thought to himself the statement, ' I am the exceeding great reward in( Gen 15:1) in accord to the fulfillment of the promises and he was not still not seeing possibilities. He was glad about the promises from God, at the same time was in despair as the actual desire and passion in his life was a great and promised son yet it was not achieved at the moment. Christians are encouraged to be courageous and truthful before the Lord as Abram is a rightful example. Abram instead of being angry went to the Lord with outstanding respect and asked him what will the Lord give me.

Nonetheless, the tone used is slightly complaining, the concern is established on his dedication in God's omnipotent nature and promises. Christians are instructed to pray frequently with humility to the supreme God and shall not yearn in vain. Also rather than stopping to believe in God, believers should take a chance to ask their grievances for the source of their trust. In prayers, asking a hard issue is the most faithful effort a Christian can put up with. Acknowledging that we cannot understand God's intentions fully to our day to day lives is a portion of accepting themselves to the plans. Through Abram, we will evidently see that God is constantly faithfully to maintain his utterances.

Sticking and trusting in Him will ensure he will bless you with a nation and a forever blessing that will inherit what you leave behind when you gone. When we worship a true living God you will reap benefits that will run for generations. Just as Abraham had full confidence in his maker we in life should place all of our confidence in the God we serve since he will bless us enormously. It teaches the importance of having a heir someone who will inherit when you leave this world. Ownership important in the life we are living, holding on to something that we can leave to the generation coming after just as Abraham did.

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