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Verse Genesis 20.8

8 Early the next morning Abimelek summoned all his officials, and when he told them all that had happened, they were very much afraid.

Verse Genesis 20.8 Early The Next Mo

Braulio Tucker opinion on Verse Genesis 20.8 Early The Next Mo

God's role in a ruler's life is vital. Starting from a father in a family, to the president of a nation. Authority is God's gift to mankind which should be used for the greater good, not to be exploited by the one who receives it. This gift can be a tool or a weapon, depending on whose hands are using it. Decisions made by these authorities can make or break a group of people, even an entire nation.

The life of King Abimelech reflects a ruler who fears God. Reading the entire chapter of Genesis 20, gives us the idea that the king has a close and right relationship with God, since God speaks directly to him instead of using prophets to pass on the message. The act of adultery which he has been reprimanded of, God considers a grievous crime even before. However, the rebuke was openly revealed by the king to the entire kingdom no matter how undignified it is. As a Christian, whom God calls from darkness to light, you must also tell others what God has done in your life. Instructions, corrections and rebukes given by God are not solely for our own benefit, but to minister to others as well.

We now live in these times where most rulers do not abide to God's word anymore. They make decisions according to the demands of the people and not according to God's commands. No wonder, that most nations are experiencing terrible events resulting from the consequences of those decisions.

On the other side of the story, God displays Himself as a gracious God who would never allow a person to be in harm's way without a warning. Even before Abimelech committed the sin, God was already there interfering through warning him in a dream. Bad decisions made were never without warning, it is just that oftentimes, mankind does not take into consideration God's word and prefers to do things on their own. It is important to hear God and obey Him for it not only does not affect you, but even those that surround you. Imagine if the king did not take heed God's warning; he would put the entire kingdom into jeopardy under God's holy wrath!

John 14:15 New International Version says, "If you love me, keep my commands". This tells us that obedience to God is not only out of obligation. It takes a more personal and intimate relationship to do it. Knowing Him personally is the key to fully obeying Him and His words.

In fact, it is not just love that should drive a person to obey God. It should also be out of the fear of God which is clearly reflected in the life of King Abimelech. Fear of God teaches us to revere God as holy and pure. It is this holy fear that helps man control himself and resist the evil desires of the flesh; putting to death the sinful nature.

These qualities should be present in a leader's life for him to be able to lead people to God according to God's ways. A good leader must be efficient in listening to God and effectively carry out His commands.

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