NIV Genesis 23.6

Verse Genesis 23.6

6 "Sir, listen to us. You are a mighty prince among us. Bury your dead in the choicest of our tombs. None of us will refuse you his tomb for burying your dead."

Verse Genesis 23.6 

Roan Stanley opinion on Verse Genesis 23.6 

Include Christians living in hardship in your prayer time today Ask that God would give them favor in life and that they would know that He is in control, despite the temptation. Share Christ’s love and His Word, it is taken with great pleasure. Show hospitality to others, Some scriptures point out unrepentant sin There are others in the midst of but deny the power of God. The Lord warns us to avoid those who seduce, deceive and falsely lead other Christians, those who are looking for a hand out, refusing to work for a living.

Maybe their lives are so difficult they wouldn’t wish it on their worst enemies. You’ll never know because there are some things we just don’t share with others. Nehemiah, returnees of exiles faced a situation similar to that of Christian workers and local believers in closed countries today. A closed country is one where missionaries are not allowed or Christians may not practice their faith openly or freely, such as in some states.

The life we live has desensitized us to the ordinary We make ourselves look so glamorous, so together. Christ like hospitality does everything with no thought of reward, but takes delight in giving, doing, serving, listening. If you want a model for Christ’s hospitality, look in His word. But most of us aren’t Use others as inspiration if you must, but never forget that you don’t know their stories.

We’re all fighting own secret battles Be grateful for what you have You never know who’s infinitely worse off than you. Because true hospitality puts away pride, it doesn’t care if others see humanness. There are no false pretenses here People can relax and share.

The unlovely, who love the Lord, are His special treasures Believe, those who care for them God blesses. So the Bible does mention some limits to hospitality. If we only fellowship with those we felt never gossiped, caused division among brethren, or never were deceptive, let’s all be honest. We’d never see each other.

There is no doubt about it we are influenced by all who enter our home Those families who practice hospitality to the unlovely need to have a good relationship with their children. Spotting unwanted behaviors in the bud is part of training ourselves to be used by God. Despite all this, God protected them, and Nehemiah led the project to a successful end. Even more importantly, the physical rebuilding was coupled with a spiritual rebuilding. Thanks to the faithful leadership of Nehemiah, the people could sing We all have a strong city God makes salvation its walls and rebuilds us.

Let us Stop Exaggerating you’re going to have to put this entire chapter into practice and remember that the spotlight effect has caused you to inflate itself. Your insecurities aren’t nearly as bad as you may think they are. Unless you're in trouble, or in love, the attention of others doesn’t matter. Bring yourself back to earth, and realize All that would be left to do is to Stop being so mean to yourself It’s not cool.

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