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Verse Genesis 24.62

62 Now Isaac had come from Beer Lahai Roi, for he was living in the Negev.

Verse Genesis 24.62 Now Isaac Had Co

Karter Mclain opinion on Verse Genesis 24.62 Now Isaac Had Co

Isaac came from beer lahai roi as we are told from The verse. As we see it was a place that he was living in Negev as we see him going to see if God would hear him. beer lahai roi was then known for all those who trusted in that name of God Like Isaac. As we are told from the verse that God is always there to see that his people from Negev are still praising him. That is why Isaac is seen going down before God's face in Beer Lahai roi as we see from there in Negev where Isaac as a servant of God was to live. Then we see that there are things that are to be done by God for us.

From the wilderness to the land of honey then Beer Lahai Roi were not thankful to God. While we are in pain is when we pray to God but then if God heals us we forget about him. You find that God is telling us to look back and see how far we might have come from for Isaac lacked faith in God that is why they had to make their own gods. God is condemning those gods and God is saying that those gods will perish under the earth. As a Christian we should live in serving God as God has been with us. From the verse we learn if it wasn't for the work of God creating us all and everything that surrounds us. Then we may never have peace some of us may be could not be existing then God want us to thanks him for every thing he has done unto us.

Remember, when the flood deluge was about to come upon the earth; the scripture recorded that Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God Gen 6:9 We see that that Noah’s children was not said to be righteous, the scripture was silent about the state of their righteousness, but the fruit of the righteousness of Noah was extended to his wife. As children and their wives. It was written for Christians and Jews who believe in it.

They fully understand the meaning with implications of this scripture and they find no problems with it. No Christian or Jew would raise such an ignorant question. For an atheist or a non-Christian (like yourself) intent on finding faults in the Bible, this will never make sense to you. Even if it does, you will pretend that it does not make sense.This bible is referencing other gods from Isaac that Beer Lahai Roi was a part of.

One of the more common there which translates to 'all the gods'. Isaac was the major deity in the pantheon, also sometimes called Negev. At his Negev sat Isaac who was the focus of Beer Lahai Roi as Asherah was incredibly popular amongst the ancient Canaanites. The original culture (and possibly the original culture of all humans?) is polytheistic. The Negev acknowledges this, even as it works to move Israel past it. Remember, it is not so much a book of precepts, as it is a history of interaction.

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