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Verse Genesis 26.9

9 So Abimelek summoned Isaac and said, "She is really your wife! Why did you say, ‘She is my sister’?"Isaac answered him, "Because I thought I might lose my life on account of her."

Verse Genesis 26.9 So Abimelek Summo

Saul Saenz opinion on Verse Genesis 26.9 So Abimelek Summo

The love story of Isaac and his wife isn't a conventional romantic story you might be expecting. But despite how many might not consider their story romantically stimulating, they loved and cherished each other. This can even be deduced from the verse of scripture being reviewed.

The story recounted here, brings my mind back to a time when Isaac's parents found themselves in exact same situation, a case of history repeating itself. Fear, an emotion that's unlike any other, it's crippling and makes people do weird and seemingly crazy things. Rebekah just like his mother Sarah as the bible describes for us was a very beautiful and attractive woman. I would assume that in all their travels, he must have noticed men looking longingly at his wife, and at him with envy in their eyes. I believe that they must have had a previous encounter that involved a lustful man, trying to attack or kill him in other to take his wife.

And that informed the decision they came to, that they would tell anyone that asked that they were brother and sister. In my mind I have two thoughts, it's either Isaac trusted his wife so much, beyond a reasonable doubt. Or his life was to deal and precious to him, to be killed over a woman. Whichever the case, it seemed like an appropriate and smart decision for the situation on the ground.

The decision connotes that Isaac was a calm man, who possessed circumspect, by deciding to choose a non-violent solution to a problem that was yet to occur. As expected Abimelek, saw Rebekah and he wanted her, so they sold him their earlier rehearsed story. I bet he thought he had it good, such a beautiful woman and all for me. But he was about to receive a surprise that would rock his world. Fear and terror gripped Abimelek when God confronted him with his offense. He was confused, how did Rebekah, whom Isaac said was his sister suddenly become his wife? Yahweh was merciful with the king because he didn't know.

Ignorance gave him some level of innocence. He was instructed to immediately restore what he had taken. God is so loving, and He always cares for His own. Yes, Isaac lied but The Most-High knew it was from a place of fear and uncertainty. He may not have been confronted by God, but Abimelek was furious, is it because Isaac lied or due to the face that he had to return Rebekah, the new bride or concubine he had just acquired. Or the fear and despair that gripped him when God himself came to reprimand him. It might have been a combination of these factors and occurrences.

He asked Isaac why he lied, the explanation might not have made much sense to him, or maybe it did. A man out of fear for his life and for the safety of his household lied. I think he should have trusted Yahweh more, or maybe he thought that wasn't really an issue to disturb or pester God about, in the end, it all ended well, Rebekah restored back to her home and Abimelek and his house saved from the wrath of the Lord.

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