NIV Genesis 29.13

Verse Genesis 29.13

13 As soon as Laban heard the news about Jacob, his sister’s son, he hurried to meet him. He embraced him and kissed him and brought him to his home, and there Jacob told him all these things.

Verse Genesis 29.13 As Soon As Laban

Colton Bermudez opinion on Verse Genesis 29.13 As Soon As Laban

When Lord says about pleasure we are told about living a life that doesn't pleases Lord. This is by being involved in acts that does not obey the lords law like being unfaithful. Unfaithfulness is what the Lord want to tell us about as Christians. Lord want us to live righteous life not to seek those material things that are not worth him. The bible says that he's the father to the orphans and the husband's toalban therefore he will be there for them while in need.

Almighty Lord is saying that as a widow never go to seek for money in exchange of love God is saying that it's evil. Lord want a of us to trust in him as he already aband that he's him as all were embraced withlso with these never worry of anything. Even if you are struggling with children Lord is saying that he'll never leave you. The verses from bible will never show direct translation some times it's good as Christians to always find their meanings.

This widow is being told to always seek God while the his name is away as there may be those that are left by their husband's will ways go away out of marriage. God is taking that he's with them and will make all their dreams come true. As Christians we should also take part in comforting then Laban. This is by telling them that all will be well and God does what is right Lord always know the reason why we are left by those whom we love as God always come to fill the gap that is left.

As church you are asked to pray forLaban as these people need our support. These is by prayers with any other bro that a widow may ask even companion is needed most by them. As the uncle to Jacob laban may feel lonely so with what we do let's remember the widow.

The bible is not a book of rules for human behavior, it is above all a record of the great saving acts of God. God has acted toward man in a way that demands a human response. No one can understand what he must do, unless he first understands what God has done. Bible, law is never given independent status. The bible has no interest in presenting an abstract code of ethics. Its theme is God’s saving deeds, to which man is called to respond in joyous performance of the law.

Righteousness as Bible is described only in terms of following God's commands or the teachings of Jesus, or behaving like God or Jesus. That use of the term defines righteousness as what God wants or commands and that view of righteousness is entirely different than what morality is how we may have to live arrived at through reason. The verse tell us that we should never be disappointed with challenges that we may face. Verse shows that Lord needs us to show love to others that are mourning.ike with the verse it shows that we need to be concerned about the widows.

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