NIV Genesis 3.9

Verse Genesis 3.9

9 But the Lord God called to the man, "Where are you?"

Verse Genesis 3 9 But The Lord God

Christopher Odonnell opinion on Verse Genesis 3 9 But The Lord God

Genesis 3:9

Adam generally known as our fore father, the very first man created by God in the beginning of time. There was no body to represent God on earth and take dominion of his entire creations so he had a meeting and decided to make man kind in his own image and give him the power of choice. He was always in God's presence enjoying sweet relationship in the cool of the day and this went on for a very long time. Until one day man violated the divine instruction of God by eating a fruit from the forbidden tree that they were asked not to eat of. Suddenly, his eye opened and saw that he and his wife were naked, they were really embarrassed so they made frantic efforts to look for a covering with leaves.

The cut and join method did not last long because when ever the sun came up, their leaves dried out and they were naked again. This trend of hopelessness and shame was where man found him self until God came visiting again in the cool evening. Unfortunately, man was no where to be found for he had gone in to hiding because he knew he had failed his maker by disobeying his instruction. There was no boldness any more to face him and when God went in search of him, he answered from his hiding place and gave information on his present situation.

Instead of him taking responsibility, the blame game started, he accused the wife, she in turn accused the serpent. God was so disappointed that he pronounced the bitter judgement upon the man, woman and the serpent. Calamity fell up on man kind and his seed and is still ravaging them up till date. The crown of Gods creation was shamefully chased out of the beautiful garden. Although I strongly believe that if Adam had apologized, god would have shown great mercy up on him and given him another chance. A lesson to learn from this is stop blaming others for your mistake, man up and take responsibility.

Disobedience to God has never worked out well for any one I know, it usually leads to regrets, pain and series of "had I knowns". Any body that wants to make head way and live a long life must walk in obedience to God and constituted authority. Let me ask you this question and I need you to answer your self sincerely. Where are you presently in your walk with God? Are you satisfied with your current attitude towards fellowshipping with Him? Do you need to take a step back and re access or even rededicate your life and time back to the maker? If you find your self wanting in any way, take it in prayer to the lord, ask for forgiveness and help of the holy spirit to be a better person. I'll leave you with this, to obey is better than sacrifice, ask the people of old most especially they will tell you.

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