NIV Genesis 31.15

Verse Genesis 31.15

15 Does he not regard us as foreigners? Not only has he sold us, but he has used up what was paid for us.

Verse Genesis 31 15 Does He Not Rega

Joziah Hinson opinion on Verse Genesis 31 15 Does He Not Rega

These painful words are being uttered by Rachael and Leah, the two daughters of Laban. The two are conversing with their husband, Jacob, contributing to his proposal for moving out of Laban's home. Rachael and Leah are bitter at their father because he had treated them cruelly. In their statement the two ladies point out that their father dealt with them not as his own children but as strangers. Laban had literally sold his daughters to Jacob who paid for their price with fourteen years of hard labor.

Jacob came to Laban's home while he was running away from the fury of his brother, Esau. Rebecca, their mother had instructed him to go to his uncle's place because Esau had determined in his heart to take revenge on him for stealing his blessings. He ran away and ended up in Laban's home where, in the course if his staying fell in love with Rachael. His intentions to have Rachael as a wife were made known to Laban and he asked for Rachael's hand in marriage. The two had an agreement in which Jacob was to work for Laban for a period of seven years. Jacob did so and even did not see it as a long time because of his love for Rachael. However, being the unjust man that he was, Laban tricked Jacob into marrying Leah, his eldest daughter instead of Rachael.

Bitterness and resentment must have settled in between the two daughters as a result of their father's deed. Leah was not loved by Jacob but through Laban's selfishness she had no otherwise but to put up with her husband. Since Jacob's heart was still with Rachael he had to take her too as his wife. The two daughters then became wives of one man all due to their father's mischievous actions. This forced relationship must have ruined the love and intimacy they had had with Laban. They must have felt that their father did not love them as much neither did he cherish them as his daughters.

Life in the hands of Laban did not go down so well with Jacob and his wives because Laban continued mishandling them. Jacob continued to work for his father in law although under different terms, whereby they were sharing all the proceeds from the livestock that he tended. He did most of the work more than both his father in law and his sons but was short changed in the long run. God showed his faithfulness to him in that, the more he was mistreated the more God blessed his part of the flock. After many years, he had more numbers of healthier livestock than his in-laws and this factor made them even angrier.

It was at this juncture that God instructed him to leave Haran and return to his land. He shared this issue with his two wives who readily supported the move. Rachael and Leah felt that their father was mean in that he had flouted their custom by not sharing with them the proceeds of their dowry as it was required. Therefore, the two felt betrayed by their father and preferred to go away with their husband.

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