NIV Genesis 33.9

Verse Genesis 33.9

9 But Esau said, "I already have plenty, my brother. Keep what you have for yourself."

Verse Genesis 33.9 But Esau Said,

Maliah Stone opinion on Verse Genesis 33.9 But Esau Said,


After Jacob's stay with Laban was making Laban's household uncomfortable, God instructed him to Go back to his people. He had been successful all along as he had livestock of every kind which included sheep, camels, goats, etc. God had always blessed Jacob in Laban's household because no matter what Laban planned to create a hurdle for Jacob, God changed everything in Jacobs favour. An example is when Laban told Jacob that his wage would be the speckled young in the flocks, all the pregnant flocks gave birth to speckled young.

After Jacob left Laban's household, he had planned on meeting with Essau, his twin brother. Yet he was fearing that his brother might not accept his return. He then decided to divide his group into two so that when Essau attacked one group, the other might survive. Then from his flock he chose a number from each flock, example, two hundred female goats and twenty male goats. So from every flock, Jacob selected a number to give to his brother as a gift in order to appease him.

He sent servants with the selected flocks yo go ahead of the rest. Jacob also told them what to say when they met with Essau. The statement "I have plenty, my brother, Keep what you have to yourself" is what Essau answered Jacob when he was told that the flocks he had met on the way were his presents from Jacob.

This statement is deep and has a lot of meanings in a lot of ways. First of all, we know these brothers have stayed apart for a very long time. They have not heard from each other so this was their first meeting after around two decades. There had been misunderstandings between them back when they were young. These misunderstandings are what makes Jacob anticipate the worst from Essau.

Yet when they come to meet, there is no hatred in Essau. He embraces his long lost brother. From this action we are forced to learn that Essau forgot about their differences a long time ago. This is what makes him refuse to take the gifts from his brother, although Jacob insists he takes it.

The statement could also mean that Essau is trying to tell his brother that he is wealthy, or even wealthier than Jacob. There is some sort of showing off in the context abased on how Essau is saying it. In this statement, we get to see how humble Jacob is. He refers to himself as Essau's Servant whenever addressing him. Jacob does not mind humbling himself before his twin brother, as it is shown in statement before the quoted one.

There is a possibility that Essau is trying to show his superiority to his brother by refusing to take his offer. Some people take such offers as an insult to their superiority. That is why he is trying hard to turn down Jacob's gifts.

In conclusion, we get to learn how time can make forgiveness easy. After staying apart for a very long time, Essau has forgiven his brother and they reunite. We are taught to forgive and live in harmony no matter what transpired in the past. It is also clear in how Jcob is humbling himself before his brother, Essau.

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