NIV Genesis 34.4

Verse Genesis 34.4

4 And Shechem said to his father Hamor, "Get me this girl as my wife."

Verse Genesis 34.4 And Shechem Said

Jamari Atwood opinion on Verse Genesis 34.4 And Shechem Said

As we read from the Bible we see that it's good for anyone to get married but then we are given condition. During God's creation we see that God said that we may have to bear children that we are to fill the earth. Then it shows that marriage is a blessing that comes from God we are told that God usually blessed marriages as good Lord loves us while we are being together. As we learn from the verse then we are told that God is going to bless each one who may decide to have a holy marriage. Rather than being in a marriage that is not ordained from God as we see from the verse that is from Genesis 34.

The good Lord our savior Jesus Christ is saying that you may get a wife who will be your helper as all we may need to work together as a family. From the verse we see that Hamor was a son to Shechem as we see that both had good relationship that each would share secrets with the other. That's why from the person that we can tell that both Shechem with Hamor we're sharing ideas together. Like any other child would go to tell his father about marrying then from the verse we see that Hamor was now telling Shechem who was a father that it was the right for him to get a girl.

He has

This is a wife who he would marry as we see Hamor saying to Shechem that girl would be made a wife. Then from the verse it's a lesson that we learn from Hamor we see that there are procedures to be followed while we may need to marry or get married. We see that Shechem needed to bless her son Hamor as we read through the verse then we see that while getting married then we need blessings.

That is why we see Hamor was look for blessings from Shechem as we are told that he had brought a girl to Shechem as a wif

Shechem as a father who was loving all her sons we see that Hamor's blessings was upon all descendants that would come from what was asked from the father. This verse teaches us all as parents to be social with your children that you may have good relationship that even your kid's may be starting with you secret things.

All we see from Hamor's character it really show is how it's good to relate well with parents. Shechem's faith was what made him to bless Hamor's family that while getting a wife blessings were upon them. You find that mostly family may fall apart just because may be the two did not get blessings from parents. Of which it's more important as you star your life with your wives as we see from Hamor's family. Shechem then we see he's a good parent that took hands to bless Hamor who was obeying him as a father. We learn that it's good for us to put God first in everything that we may succeed in life.

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