NIV Genesis 37.4

Verse Genesis 37.4

4 When his brothers saw that their father loved him more than any of them, they hated him and could not speak a kind word to him.

Verse Genesis 37.4 When His Brothers

Marco Kearney opinion on Verse Genesis 37.4 When His Brothers

To be parent is not easy job is required highly discipline and to take a responsibility of yourself and your family.

The head of family must know strategic can use controlling all member of his family and to give them good education.

Relationship is good and is sweetness when there is a love midst of all members anybody is feel free. But when the leader of family doesn't be watchful what's is going on can destroy them and entire world.

That is why every greatest man in history they have started to learn in family the best class ever is home . Into family is

where you live with siblings who don't believe in you or parent would treat you like a child while you have already mature.

The story of Joseph and his brothers its content many lessons.Joseph was the youngest in family after Benjamin but when you come about good habit Joseph was the best in family. Even God often used to give him vision the way he will become famous and great in future . But envious full of his brothers because of the fear that when Joseph will became the greatest among them it will become a shame for them .

Then they start to against him and all things they do the purpose was to discourage and to show him that it's can't be done what he dreamed.

But the source of his conflict was not the vision has given by God but also the main problem was Jacob their father .Whenever parents start to compare children like one of them is high than the rest in their future those children will have low self-esteem.Its good to all families which are in world to understand that all children have the same value.

If the parents are not equalize the children of the family and neglect to teach them to respect one another. Finally they will find the seed which they plant in children has been grow and harvest will be hatred.

This is what happening in the family of Jacob instead of taking of all children the same. He started to take care of Joseph more than the rest for that reason his son they plan to shed blood of Joseph.

So the end result was to trade him like slave to business man this mistake of Jacob made keep repeating in the family of nowadays.

In TV and radio keeps saying the death of youth suicide because of the family. Reaction of mother or father it affect the children in different ways whether is good or not . Parent must be vigilant and carefully what lesson they give to their children or what habit they show them. before children they grow up they will act like you and build bad family. As Jacob put apart Joseph is that way his brother put him apart indeed the more parents choose to love one child more than others even others will choose to hurt him more than nobody can think ,children can grow up as an angel or as a devil.

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