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Verse Genesis 39.18

18 But as soon as I screamed for help, he left his cloak beside me and ran out of the house."

Verse Genesis 39.18 But As Soon As I

Jamiyah Kerr opinion on Verse Genesis 39.18 But As Soon As I

These were the words of the wife to Potiphar who was the captain of Pharaoh's guard, she was telling her husband of how Joseph had nearly attacked her and left his coat in her hands. Joseph was the son of Jacob and Rachel who was his second wife. The story of Joseph depicts how God rewards, supports those whom trust, obey and show disciplines in misfortunes. His story illustrates how God works in history and preserves his people's valor. In the New Testament he is only mentioned once in the book of Hebrew and was mentioned as an example of faith.

He was born in Israel with a natural right who took the position of the actual position "Reuben". Jacob's son was a visionary man and was blessed with the gift of interpreting dreams and visionaries and a man whom the Spirit of God dwelled upon. This verse tells Christians to plant their trust and build a good relation with God, this is because those who trust in him will fail but will never stumble. They will always rise up and shine again after their fall down just like the son of Jacob.

The tribes of Joseph's family, Ephraim and Manasseh were among the ten tribes of the northern Kingdom of Israel and one portion of Joseph's descendants came to America in the 600 BC. Jacob his father was the youngest twin sons of Isaac and Esau's descendants who returned to Canaan the reception of Penuel after a long stay in the house of Laban. Joseph was 17 yrs of age and was mandated to look after the sheep with his brothers, he was the last born and had born when his father was old and this made his father love him more than the other sons.

His brothers were disappointed because mostly when he started interpreting dream where the sun and the stars bowed before him. Later on he was thrown inside a hole and sold to Potiphar, the favor of God was upon him and gained positions in different places including in his masters house. After he refused to sleep with the wife of his master, he was taken to prison and the guards made him to be in charge of other prisoners, he was loved a lot and trusted. It was in this particular prison where he interpreted the dreams of two people and later the master heard about his unique gift. Two years later while Joseph was still in the prison, Pharaoh had a dream standing by the banks of River Nile where seven healthy and good looking cows came out of the river and started feeding on the grass. This was the first dream, the second one comprised of seven heads of grain growing on one plant and Joseph was called to explain the dreams.

The dreams were almost similar to each other about a drought that was coming upon the land, when the dream came true Joseph was greatly recognized and was given a position in the Kingdom.

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