NIV Genesis 4.16

Verse Genesis 4.16

16 So Cain went out from the Lord’s presence and lived in the land of Nod,[f] east of Eden.

Verse Genesis 4 16 So Cain Went Out

Darrius Haley opinion on Verse Genesis 4 16 So Cain Went Out

Adam and Eve were the firstam and woman on this Earth resecrively.After they had fone against God' s will and ate the apple they were not supsed to eat.They continued living on until they gave birth to a son Cain and then his brother followed Abel.So Abel was a rearer of sheeps amd Cain is the planter of crops.And they both succeeded in their various chosen handwork.They each were doing fine and everything was going well with the both of them.

And Cain brought from his fruits and gave sacrifce to the Lord,he put the sacrifice on the alter and pryed to God.So also did Abel his brother,but he instead brought the first borns of his sheeps and gave them as burnt sacrifice unto the Lord.Many people won't understand what is happening but that is what God has required of them to do.If they want to find favour in the sight of the Lord,they should continue to do as he had told them.Andbthese they had done,br

inging sacrifice unto the Lord after they had received rofits from their handwork.

So God accepted the sacrifice of Abel and took pride in his sacrifice and was pleaswd with everything he has brought before the Lord.But Cain he wasn't happy with because he had not come with the right heart to give sacrifice to the Lord as God has commanded him.God cast Cain out of his sight and was not pleased with him.But Cain asked God why he had accepted his brother'a sacrifice and he hadn't accepted his own sacrifice.And God explained to him that it was because of what was in his heart when he was preparing the sacrifice that he had decided to acept his sacrifice.While rather,Cain arranged his own sacrificw with deceit of the heart.

Cain then took his brother to the field and killed him and buried him under the ground.Then God apeared to him, and asked him where his brother is and replied that he doesn't know because he wasn't the guardian of his brother.But God told him that he knew what he had done ,and it is evil.So God placed a curse on Cain,that whatevee he plants would never grow again in his life.For he is to become a wanderer and his life sould have no meaning.From that very moment,he will just be living like a dead man alive,and he will have no friends or have any family but will continue to wander on the surface od the earth.

And Cain acceotes God's curse in is life but also wish for death,which God refused.God refused to let anybody kill Cain,because he wants him to suffwr for what he has done and there should not be añy hiding place for him.His sins shall follow him everywhere he goes and he shall never enjoy his life from that day onward.A mark was put on him so that nobody would wish to kill him nut instead he will be wandering the surface of the Earth for the rest of his life.That was the fate that Cain suffered for killing his brothee because God accepted his offering and not Cain's own.

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