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Verse Genesis 4.26

26 Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh.At that time people began to call on[i] the name of the Lord.

Verse Genesis 4.26 Seth Also Had A

Jaslynn Bryson opinion on Verse Genesis 4.26 Seth Also Had A

The family tree of the first man and woman that God created is documented in Genesis chapter four. The verse being highlighted in this text is verse twenty six, which indicates that Seth had a son called Enosh, further stating that God’s name was called upon. Adam and Eve bore their third son Seth, which meant that God had remembered Eve with how she lost her second son Abel as he was murdered by her firstborn son Cain. After being banished from land of Eden, Cain left for land of Nod, at this point Adam and Eve had a son called Seth. Now Seth was considered a replica of Abel because he became as God fearing as his late brother.

Verse twenty six further highlights that people were calling upon God, implying that there was unity in praising and worshiping God within land where Seth lived. The family tree of Seth is important as it represents the children of God, from whom Jesus Christ descended. There are two lineages from God’s creation, those called sons of men and those called children of God. The children of God are those who follow the holy word seeking to respect God while children of men follow the ways of the deceiver called satan. It is from these two groups that all humanity comes from, as man cannot be found on both sides, meaning either God is followed or Satan is followed.

The son of Seth called Enosh is representative of the time that people began to call upon name of the lord. As indicated in new testament in book of Matthew chapter one, sons of God are mentioned, dividing them into three group, each group having fourteen generations. Although Seth as well as Noah are not mentioned, they fall into group of children of God. Calling upon God was not unusual for Christians in those days, as God spoke to them. However, in the case of Seth, sin had entered into the land through the multiplication of the children and grandchildren of Cain, leading to immense sin. Through this sin, God had begun to punish them by making the land barren, as it did not yield any crops for them. It is at this trying time that Seth with his people began calling upon God for mercy and guidance.

Regardless of whether hardships or prosperity befall the children of God, they are expected to worship God always, giving praises to Him. Therefore, even in times when there were no calamities or difficulties, they continued to call upon God, as is evidenced from the way Adam with his wife Eve lived their lives in fear and respect of God. Glory and honor to God is representative of a Christian, who follows holy word. Through the increase in number of generations, the religion spread and was passed on to every generation, to ensure continuity of Almighty as creator of heaven with earth. Because God had looked upon plight of Eve as she had lost her son Abel, a replacement through Seth was found.

Abel followed God’s teachings as is documented in verse four of chapter four of Genesis. He was an honorable man, following God’s words, tending to animals. It is these animals, his first produce that he offered as gift to lord, a pleasing sacrifice which angered Cain. Because of jealousy, Cain killed Abel as God blessed Abel’s gift of animal sacrifice. Seth being a replacement for his dead brother means that he equally was blessed by Lord, making him a successful keeper of animals, allowing him to offer honorable sacrifices. In addition, it is backed by the second part of verse that people begun to call upon Lord, implying that Seth too with his son Enosh obeyed God.

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