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29 As he looked about and saw his brother Benjamin, his own mother’s son, he asked, "Is this your youngest brother, the one you told me about?" And he said, "God be gracious to you, my son."

Verse Genesis 43.29 As He Looked Abo

Heath Blue opinion on Verse Genesis 43.29 As He Looked Abo

The first portion, Genesis 1 through 11 is prehistory are stories beyond full human comprehension some believers and non-believers would say they are ancient myths. All the rest of the excerpts are based on stories of the ancestors majorly Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their families.

Let's delve deep and look at the story of Joseph one among the greatest man in the bible in the Old Testament whereby we see him setting up his brothers and Judah is pleading to trade places to save their father's grief. All this turn of event happens without the brothers' capability to identify his identity. He questions them and even threatens to keep Benjamin hostage as his bag was carrying the golden cup.

The story of Joseph begins in Genesis explicitly tells us that Joseph was the favourite of his father Jacob but now Benjamin takes his place after he was sold to Egypt. His eleven brothers, sons of Jacob conspire to kill him after he revealed his dream to them that all of them including their father, will bow to him. They, later on, change their mind and decided to throw him in a pit instead. This beloved son of Jacob escapes the jaws of death by a whisker but is later sold to trade merchants that later sell him to Egypt as a slave to Potiphar. He works as a servant but is later accused of falsely and send to prison.

While in prison, Joseph interprets dreams for his fellow inmate and the Pharaoh gets a glimpse of his abilities. This capability saves the entire Egyptian empire and the Israelite as he forecasts the seven years of plenty harvest and another seven years of famine from interpreting the King's dream. He advised Pharaoh to harvest grains and store them for future years during the famine. It makes Pharaoh appoint Joseph in charge of the food storage facilities for security purposes.

Perhaps you see Joseph modelling the correct practice of always forgiving, and not punishing crimes contrary to the current human society. The excerpt above in chapter 44 verse 25 describes how Judah explains the reason their father allowed them to tag along with Benjamin. It shows how much love the Father has for this lastborn child of his sire. You can also notice that this love for Benjamin came in due to the misinformation that Jacob got about Joseph being devoured by a wild animal.

This is all a plan by Joseph to save his family and the entire Israelite nation as planned by God. He places his golden cup in his younger brother's suck of food, sets them free to leave with the food they had acquired and later sends guards after them. They catch up with the lads, retrieve the cup and brings the brothers in custody for questioning. Joseph forgives his brothers and brings them over to Egypt during the famine period to save their entire Israelite race which later on brings the era of slavery in Egypt unpredictably.

In view of the above information, I can strongly attest to the fact that Joseph is the reason behind the era of slavery of Israel, despite the fact that he called them over to save them from hunger. The story also focuses on forgiveness and consideration of the inner good in individuals than looking at the outer bad or a few mistakes they have made in life.

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