NIV Genesis 9.2

Verse Genesis 9.2

2 The fear and dread of you will fall on all the beasts of the earth, and on all the birds in the sky, on every creature that moves along the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; they are given into your hands.

Verse Genesis 9.2 The Fear And Drea

Zaniyah Ingram opinion on Verse Genesis 9.2 The Fear And Drea

When God created man, he gave him dominion over everything that he created including every animals. He commanded man to rule over all these things and today man has dominion over everything that God made. When God wanted to make man, he decided to make man in his own image and because of this, he gave man the power to rule over all these things. Some of the things God did not create but gave man the power to dominate all these things are powers and principalities of darkness. God also gave us power over them to conquer them when they disturb us.

Having given us the power over everything he made, God expects us to use this power wisely because we are wiser than every other things he created. Therefore as Christians, we should not rely on any other powers because they're counterfeit powers and God's power is the only true power. God has given us dominion over everything he made and as Christians we are expected to go out and dominate. He also gave us power and dominion over our enemies and he urged us to use this power wisely in fighting our enemies and delivering ourselves from their hands.

Dominion is an act of ruling and controlling a given kingdom that God made for us. Thereby as Christians, we should remember that all power is God's own and that he has not given us the spirit of fear but the spirit to go out and dominate over our enemies. Whenever we are faced with a particular challenge, we should not be afraid but learn to be courageous for God has given us dominion over everything he created and we should learn to use this dominion wisely. Every christian should pray that God should not take away this dominion he has given him because there are many things that can stop us from dominating.

One of things that can hinder us from having dominion over what God created is sin. Sin move's a person away from God and towards the devil hereby losing the power of dominion God has given him. Examples of people who lost the dominion God gave them according to the bible include King Saul and Samson amongst others. King Saul lost the dominion God gave him because of disobedience and we observed that he didn't regain this dominion again. Another good example was Samson who lost his dominion because of love for the things of the world

As Christians, if we don't want to lose our dominion over everything God created, we should abstain from sin. Sin draws a person far from God and moves the person closer to the devil. When a person is not on God's side, he has lost the power of dominion God gave to him and this can hereby lead to death. Every sinner is advised to repent from their sins in order to regain this power to dominate back. God urges us to be free from sins and live a life which pleases him in order to exercise the power of dominion God has given unto us.

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