NIV Hebrews 13.8

Verse Hebrews 13.8

8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Verse Hebrews 13.8 Jesus Christ Is T

Kathleen Morgan opinion on Verse Hebrews 13.8 Jesus Christ Is T

Brethren, it is good to be a child of God because He has wonderful things for us. So when you are growing and you pass through troubles or sufferings, it doesn’t mean there is no God. God is there and he is watching us so no matter the problem you are going through, God even knows before you encounter that problem. Some people can commit suicide because they know that they are the only ones going through tough moment meanwhile there are people going through really tough moment but they are still there praising God.

They know what God has done for them up to now so they don’t feel sad within them. God is very wonderful because when you look at the bad things you have put yourself in but still you wake up, eat and sleep without even thanking God. Most people are in the hospitals with many disease conditions and it is not because God doesn’t love them or they did some bad stuffs that have made them like that. Although most of them have practice bad things and ended up in the hospital but still they give thanks to God.

Because if it was not God, they would have been dead by now. Therefore, the God we serve can help us anytime we get into trouble. And we should always put our faith in Him because he can do what we cannot do. So if we are serving God then we serve Him with all our might because it is not easy for Him to forgive you your sins even if you have killed someone. Most people even go to church and after that they come and insult their neighbors when they do something bad to them.

Forgiveness is one thing that everyone has to learn because without forgiveness most people would not be alive today. But because there is forgiveness, we are able to move on in life without regrets. Although some sins are really difficult to forgive and some of these sins are murder, raping, stabbing, etc. Once you forgive someone, it means you have lifted the burden from both your heads and now your heart is clear from sins and sorrows. Let us forgive ourselves and pray because without prayers we are nothing and it answer all our problems.

If you lack something in life and you pray but still you are not getting the answers just continue to pray because one day, you shall surely get the answer. We should not be sad when we are not getting what we want and we should always be cheerful because there is the right time for all things. And as Christians we must prepare ourselves for so many things because there can be times where you will be happy because you are getting everything you want in life.

There can be times where you will be sad and this can even lead to crying because you lose something which is precious to you in life. God is there for us at all times and what is expected of us is to call His name.

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