NIV Hosea 2.9

Verse Hosea 2.9

10 So now I will expose her lewdness before the eyes of her lovers; no one will take her out of my hands.

Verse Hosea 2.10 So Now I Will Ex

Ireland Vela opinion on Verse Hosea 2.10 So Now I Will Ex

Hosea had a wife who gave him no peace for most of his time, he felt powerless to control her acts and behaviors. The wife was constantly accused of having couple of men around, committing adultery that was known to the husband. On the other side, Hosea likened his marriage of unfaithful wife to the relationship that which Israel had with God. No matter how the Israeli people had to sin and love other Gods, he would continue to do things that will make them love him again.

So, Hosea had a plan to what was happening to his wife, since she couldn't stop her affairs, he had an idea to go over to her husbands of his wife and expose everything. What was to be exposed was to name or produce a lost of every man whom she had bedded. He knew that by telling this list it will devastated the other man who come to lure her. The man who used to make love with her were the men from the same compound, so repetition would cause shame and rejection from her partners. Hosea thought when people got to know how she is, men will see her as a filthy lady and will never want to touch her again.

He had to do so because he previously had tried to reason and talk some sense into her to stop her affairs but she couldn't. It was not telling her to stop alone, but he was doing the same thing as an examples by staying faithful and not bed other surrounding ladies. His wife was the one who would go and attract the men to have them by her side. Because Hosea used said because of here lewdness, people will get to know your true color.

However, Hosea was not actually telling about his wife's bad movement but he was warning the sons of Israel that you are like a prostitute that despite how you are satisfied with your man you won't t stop searching for men outside. Your God has provided all things to you but you can't see that and you go on to pray statues of outside nation and admire what the outsiders are praying. To cut the relationship between you and some countries, the Lord was going to spoil the relationship, he was looking to expose the bad acts of the people of Israel and Ephraim and other states in that area. So, they were never to be allowed to visit such countries and denied to do the borrowed culture.

Hosea's message revolved around the matrimonial marriage and life to represent that of Lord and the Ephraim and Israel. The people were seen as a wife who has to bow down to his man every time and by defying what your man says you are breaching the contract. Only way to stop that was to use force and tarnish the image so nobody couldn't love you anymore. Despite whatever you have done Hosea stated that the Lord will still welcome you because you are his sons and no way would he abandon you.

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