NIV Hosea 8.7

Verse Hosea 8.7

7 "They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.The stalk has no head; it will produce no flour.Were it to yield grain, foreigners would swallow it up.

Verse Hosea 8.7 

Kairo Rudd opinion on Verse Hosea 8.7 

To understand this verse, we must understand the context wherein the Prophet Hosea spoke to the People. He preached to the people of Israel of the Northern Kingdom concerning their harlotry, tendency of worshipping foreign gods and their glaring unfaithfulness. The Prophet likened the people to his wife who was very unfaithful to him.

This particular verse of the Bible was taken out from the "Speech of Condemnation" of the people by God because of their consistent Idolatry. God is a jealous God who cannot share his lover(Israel) with anyone. It can be likened to a relationship between two lovers where one cheats on the other and the other who had been cheated on, becomes very angry. The above verse is a curse on the people of Israel for their immorality and Idolatry. They forsook their God, breaking their own part of the covenant they had originally entered with God.

It is a curse indeed which cuts short their development, progress and success and simply means that the works of their hands is cursed. What ever they sow expecting to reap bountifully, instead, it will be disaster. A whirlwind connotes disaster and so, the work of their hands will give them nothing but trouble, calamity in their land. The Stalk has no head, cut of the head and the body is dead. This connotes the fact that the cultivated crops for food will not produce any food for them. Starvation, hunger, famine in the land as a result of their Idolatry.

Furthermore, even if it finally produces grain, foreigners would swallow it. These foreigners could be in the form of Holocaust or other dangerous plants devouring specie. This also means that they will be taken unawares by the foreigners because they won't know whence they come.

The consequential price for Idolatry, unfaithfulness is very heavy that no one should toll that part. Despite all the wonders and goodwill God wrought for them, they still chose to desert him and worship false gods and now, they must pay the prize of unfaithfulness. This admonition of Hosea to the people of Israel also applies to us who are living now in this generation. What are the things that can qualify as Idolatry? These are things or activities which takes the place of God in our lives. The Almighty God ought to have first place in our lives as the King and Lord of all. We ought to consult him in whatever we do in our lives no matter how minute because He is an all knowing God and understands what is best for us. When we put self love first over God, it tends to backfire because whether we like it or not, we need the assistance of a supernatural God to assist us in this world.

The people of Israel continued in their idolatry despite having heard the warnings of the Prophet Hosea. This should not be the case because we are expected to make a change and repent so that we do not suffer the consequences of disobedience to God. He loves us so much and would instead rather see us prosper than perish and will be merciful to us if we repent of our idolatry today.

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