NIV Isaiah 26.19

Verse Isaiah 26.19

19 But your dead will live, Lord; their bodies will rise - let those who dwell in the dust wake up and shout for joy - your dew is like the dew of the morning; the earth will give birth to her dead.

Verse Isaiah 26.19 But Your Dead Wi

Armando Matthews opinion on Verse Isaiah 26.19 But Your Dead Wi

But your dead will live, their bodies will rise Lord means that those who die for the Lord will live eternally and will not perish. They will rise from death and have a good place in God's kingdom among His holy servants. When he talks of the dead who are the Lord's are the servants who have died from serving Him or died for their faith while ignoring their interests and desires. Those who die out of their wicked behavior or as a result of punishment from God for their sins are excluded. Prophet Isaiah wants it to be clear that there is life after death which is eternal and depends on the life one lived while on earth.

Let those who dwell in the dust rise and shout for joy is a prayer that Isaiah is making to God so that people have proof He lives. Ezekiel at one time brought back dry bones to life in the name of the Most High God. The prophet in this context is trying to bring across the message that Lord has the power even to bring those who are dead back to life for He has power over death like His son did. Even if it does not necessarily mean coming back to the earth and live with others, there is life after death. Isaiah feels that God deserves praise and all the worship and the living are supposed to glorify Him without ceasing because He is the most powerful.

Your dew is like dew of the morning means that it is fresh and clean. Dew in the morning is usually cool and very clean and that is why Isaiah compares that morning dew to the Lord's. Anything that is associated with the Lord is pure and clean since He cannot dwell among what is bad at all. He therefore deserves all respects from the humans and those who wants to be associated closely with Him should avoid the wicked and sinful ways to their level best even if they are not necessarily perfect.

The earth will give birth to her dead means that the dead come back to life and nobody can understand how that happens. Just like nobody understands how dew is formed in the morning and where it comes from. Rising from the dead may seem like a mystery but to God is easy and His ways are known to Him. He always has answers to any questions and even among the wicked, there cannot lack one who can obey all His commands to the key for He knows who fits there at all times.

Christians are supposed to use the time they have on earth well because they are not on earth to live forever. If they are not ready to worship Him and live a righteous life, that which is not living will sing to Him. Even the birds wake up early and sing to the Lord each day and that means that God will always be praised above anything and anyone and by all the earth.

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