NIV Isaiah 27.2

Verse Isaiah 27.2

2 In that day - "Sing about a fruitful vineyard:

Verse Isaiah 27.2 In That Day -

Kairo Rudd opinion on Verse Isaiah 27.2 In That Day -

At the time the lord unleashes his fierce mighty and powerful sword to punish the gliding serpent of leviathan. also he will kill the dragon in the sea. As at the time a fermented vineyard made a song saying; oh lord watch over my plants safe guard them. I will protect all day and night so no one harm any. I am not angry if only the vineyard can give me briers and thorns to battle with, I will match against, burn it up. Or else lay claims with me to make peace with me because i am ready to accept peace. In near future Jacob will blossom to bear fruit which is his offspring they will spread and reign all over world. Have Jehovah struck them down?

This particular verse is trying to teach us that a vineyard planted, is watered by the person who planted it but God makes it grow, we should always acknowledge that Jehovah makes everything perfect. Give praises to him with good melodies call him on players whenever you find yourself in midst of troubles. Then almighty God will exact his powers on the problems ravaging you, exonerate you make you relieve from your daunting issues. Because he made mentioned that those who call upon his holy name will be rescued, save from their problems through the abundance of his love. The people of ancient era who stick to Jehovah's command benefitted amazingly.

Because they served him with their all, and almighty blessed them all through his abundance of love, mercies. When you trace back the days of Jacob and his twelve sons you will understand that Jehovah did miracles, bless them beyond their reach by making Jacob bear the name Israel' also the twelve sons made of tribe of Israel. Even when the brothers of Joseph tried all they could to kill Joseph God never put shame to his people. He paved a good way after his brothers sold him for some little money.

His brothers were thinking he's dead but Jehovah surprised them by guiding him succeed as prime minister in Egypt, his brothers later saw him feeling so wrong because of all they did to Joseph. But Joseph forgave them all, showed them love. This verse is trying to show us that as a loyal servant of God, he will always safe guard us during the time of distress as long as we keep faith in him.

Jehovah did lots of miraculous works in the days old by helping the people Israelites. Which he adorned as his people, he protected them from their enemies, fought wars for their sake guided them in all ramifications. This verse is teaching us that Jehovah still cares for us, Jehovah alone can single handed do all the wonders for us, shape our careers, protect us from the enemies, remove shame from us. Make us stand strong and firm no matter the challenges we face today. God never change, ever present anytime we call on him, Jehovah never turn away from his true servant.

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