NIV Isaiah 37.9

Verse Isaiah 37.9

9 Now Sennacherib received a report that Tirhakah, the king of Cush,[a] was marching out to fight against him. When he heard it, he sent messengers to Hezekiah with this word:

Verse Isaiah 37.9 Now Sennacherib R

Shay Dutton opinion on Verse Isaiah 37.9 Now Sennacherib R

The bible is the story of Sennacherib, Sennacherib had many wars, that is the way you will find people in our lives still are holding indifference. When you read bible most of the wars were with people that were the enemies of Israel and wanted to destroy it. Then if these were the history of the Romans they had wars also where they fought and could have conflicts among them. The only difference is that Hezekiah was chosen for being insignificant and for the covenant, not for being different, in order the glory of God was manifested. With bible it does not hide the human nature, and regardless of peoples flaws God has worked his plan of salvation.

You will find that everything that is written the bible happens lives of many. Like in these verse we are told about fighting of a leader who is annointed. Then these verse shows how even in many lives that people are turning against their leaders to fight them just because of disagreement. It is because of these then you will will find that when such fight happen to leaders others that are being lead will have to fear. If then leaders can be killed yet they had are anointed then the mere people will have to fear as with them may be lacking any strength.

Those that take part in such fights will be feared that is why in readings we are told that Ishmael was being feared. He had killed Hezekiah that is what the verse says that a king was fought. God condemn any shedding of blood that is why you will find that there are those living with sickness. Just because may be they had fight Jesus said that it's not Good to shed any blood.Lord hate those that fight God also has said that we should not touch those he has annointed you see that we are told how Hezekiah killed the annoited one. Then Ishmael had failed for taking the action of fight which is much condemned by God. As Christians then it's good to avoid such hateful acts that the Lord Christ is against them.

The verse tries to tell christians that nobody is to leading fighting will be set free. Especially for those that kills those that are annointed Christians are to always fear the Lord before everything as he is the one who created us. Therefore those that he has ordained to work for him should be treated with respect. As them are like the Lord and for any one to touch them will be punished too. Hezekiah was cursed for killing the son of God the bible tell us even if we are angry we should sometimes reduce the anger. When we do this then you as a Christian pray that your enemies may be forgiven.

Then all Christians are encouraged to only fear Lord as he's the oh God to be feared. Let's not be worried by others as when you may be trusting in lord then Lord will be fighting all your fears. Then the verse shows how it's good to fear the Lord as the only one who lives above to be worshiped.

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