NIV Isaiah 65.13

Verse Isaiah 65.13

13 Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says:"My servants will eat, but you will go hungry;my servants will drink, but you will go thirsty;my servants will rejoice, but you will be put to shame.

Verse Isaiah 65.13 Therefore This I

Yeshua Castaneda opinion on Verse Isaiah 65.13 Therefore This I

Therefore this what the sovereign Lord says are words that Isaiah is telling the people. He refers to the as sovereign because He has a lot of power and deserves respect above anything and anybody else. The prophets wants the people to understand that God deserves respect above anything and His word is powerful. He wants them to know that the words he utters are not his own but are from the Lord and they must understand that and listen to the instructions that he is conveying to them. God is supreme and sovereign and nobody can take the position since He is the creator of everything and they must therefore surrender to everything that He says.

My servants will eat but you will go hungry means that those who are faithful to God will not lack at all. The ones who do not trust in God will go hungry for the Lord will not provide for them and that is what the Lord has said. God is angry with the sinful Israelites and their wickedness annoys Him a lot and He is sending His servant to warn them. Those who are obedient to Him cannot lack for He is always watching over them and ensuring that their desires come to pass. He however does not dine with wickedness and the desires of those who are sinful do not pass and their hard work is in vain.

His servants will drink but you will be thirsty shows that those who do not fulfill God's will have nothing completely. God will neglect them fully and make sure that they suffer their deeds of wickedness and they will have a lot of regret. His servants will not go hungry since He will watch over them with care and provide them with their needs without hesitation. Isaiah is urging the people to think with people to change their ways and start being obedient so that God takes away the punishment that He plans to bring upon them. God always favors those who deserve His attention and they are those who sacrifice themselves to fully obey what God wants.

God's servants will rejoice but you will be put to shame means that He will bring their wicked ways to the open. They will serve as an example to others and they will suffer shame and disgrace before in the presence of nations and they will regret their actions. The ones who trust in God will rejoice witnessing His wonderful deeds to them for He will bless them without limit. They will be highly rewarded and God will be there for them no matter what.

The Lord cannot be in collaboration with those who are not willing to follow His ways since He favors those who are obedient. He is perfect and righteous and He therefore cannot be in association with the wicked. The devil is the one who enjoys the fellowship of wicked humans for he too is wicked and full of evil. Isaiah is giving warning to Israel before time of punishment comes so that they choose their side.

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