NIV James 3.9

Verse James 3.9

9 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness.

Verse James 3.9 With The Tongue W

Naomi Pierson opinion on Verse James 3.9 With The Tongue W

James was a servant of the Almighty God, who used most of his time teaching, directing, and guiding his brethren. In this verse, he is trying to educate men on the importance of true love that is selfless. He told them that a human body is made up of many parts that work jointly. Among the minor parts available are the tongue, nose, ears, eyes, and many more. A healthy being should be able to control all these parts so well in order to achieve tranquility in life.

He tells them that a tongue is a small organ located in the mouth and plays a critical role in any man. With its help, people are able to communicate with others, bless them as well as praising the Lord. However, this same organ is used to curse men who wrong us as well as talk bad and evil towards our neighbors. The negative use of this organ is being compared to a flame that can cause a forest to burn completely. This is why is it called unnecessary evil because of the bad things it brings to those who use it badly.

God created man to offer him praise and honor through their deeds all the days of their existence in the universe. Choosing to use this organ in the right way is a personal decision controlled by the will power of an individual. James told them that those who are peace ambassadors will embrace positivity in life since they can’t stand to witness the chaos. Causing alarm to innocent souls through bad-mouthing is highly criticized in societies. It can as well attract God’s wrath as a form of punishment to the culprits.

The servant of Almighty God was calling upon all Christians to control their tongues. They are given the obligation of being role models to the non-believers who are part of the world. Honoring God will bring them blessings on their way as promised to the forefathers. Walking in the ways of God involves doing good to our fellow beings and treating them right. Helping them where possible with anything we can afford to offer to them. Guiding those who seem to have gone astray in our places of residence will attract blessings to come.

We are urged to help those who need our help without talking bad about them. That we should even bless those who curse us and wish them well if we want to be happy in life. Following a good example of Jesus Christ will be bearing good fruits as stipulated in the laws. Standing up for the helpless in our societies to fight for their rights shows our levels of integrity. Again, it is a form of worship to God and thanksgiving for those beautiful things bestowed to us.

A big ship can be controlled by the use of a small rudder; with the help of strong wind, a pilot can sail it safely to the desired destinations. Horses are controlled by the use of bits put in their mouths so they can obey the instructions given by the rider. The above examples show the possibility of taming ourselves to promote a happy co-existence in our environments. Promoting peace should be encouraged by both the young and the old, the rich, and the poor and above all, it should be directed with love.

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