NIV Jeremiah 11.2

Verse Jeremiah 11.2

2 "Listen to the terms of this covenant and tell them to the people of Judah and to those who live in Jerusalem.

Verse Jeremiah 11.2 

Quentin Shipley opinion on Verse Jeremiah 11.2 

The reason the lord gave the law to the people is not for fun. All the laws we're given so that the man will know the right things to do while living on the earth. Most people joke with it and this has affected most of them negatively but the lord is compassionate to see that they are forgiven whenever they pleaded from him.

Satan knew that the lord hate sin so he makes sure he turn man against the lord so that his perfect will not come to pass over them. But the ignorance of man is what is giving them problem when the knowledge is missing then anything can happen to the man. That is why most family are not save they are in different form of problems which the lord has not created for them and whenever there is no solution they will run to the devil.

Lack of deliberate action to obey the lord commandments can lead to many problems that will reject the promise of God on the man. Most people came to lived on earth but they did not fulfill their mandate because the enemies has blinded their eyes and their heart. Some of them their ears are be blocked by the devil so that they will not have a fruitful live living for the lord.

It doesn't matter how you start what natter most is the way you serve the lord. For the service to the lord will her to be in a way of submission and not arrogant. There are people because they are rich they lost their relationship with the lord and this was the great mistake they did and things went wrong for them.

For any any reason there should not be a reason for you to be in the support of the devil kingdom he will not let you prosper. Your blessing in life is in the hands of the lord and success will keep looking for you when you hive all to the lord so that he will help you. God love the man and he is ready to help him to see what others could not see this revelation will be a base for him to start up well when things are going down to the unavailability of existence.

Make a good aim on how you will acquire the things that will make life to be useful for you and this will have to be through the main door that will exist. It doesn't matter how you see yourself but the lord will make the mind that you have to be renewed. Once the mind is renewed then you will ha e the full allocation of the share. Thee is no amount of sacri that is small in the eyes of the lord for he is searching for those that are ready to follow him and take the necessary risk. Stop making things to be hard for your when you lack the right helper that should help your life then you will remain small.

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