NIV Jeremiah 1.4

Verse Jeremiah 1.4

7 But the Lord said to me, "Do not say, ‘I am too young.’ You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you.

Verse Jeremiah 1.7 But The Lord Said

Izel Barrow opinion on Verse Jeremiah 1.7 But The Lord Said

Great leaders are made, although they may have that deep inner persuasion that it is a calling yet more it was nature. A calling is that divine selection of summoning an individual to

accomplish a certain task. This two go hand in hand, for you have to be a leader to work out the calling. A calling is based on a specific mission not like a gift which is done for just for personal satisfaction, it's goal oriented to a certain focus. It also require agent response not a sluggish action for it's limited and must operate within the time limit.

Moses was called not to sing, preach or missionary work as some are but to take the children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan. All through despite the tough challenges he had to stay strong, and the greatest advantage is that God helped him all through. He wanted to give up due to unbearable pains and challenges yet God never left his side he encouraged him and empowered him always. Samuel as a teenage boy was chosen by God as a prophet for the people despite the current circumstance that seemed too threatening he had to do it because God was with him. From his lifestyle we know when God chooses a person he gives them the ability and the power to perform their duties successfully.

Once Jonah received a divine summon from heaven and he was afraid and so run away to avoid been part in the calling. Running away to a foreign land was his idea but on the way God found him and forced things to go awkward till he submitted to the call. A big fish came and did swallow him although he was not digested in the fish belly he had to humble and listen once more to the directives of God. Paul was also a rebel who had run away from his ordained mission yet Jesus forced him back. By this you are clearly convinced you cannot run away from God's divine calling, either you like it or not escaping it brings death on you. Still no place is to deep or far for God to see he follows his word to be fulfilled.

Ministry work is not man's neither for man but for God, and for this reason no body should struggle on their own trying to figure out how to succeed in ministry. No body goes without food or have sleepless nights just because the company he is working in have too many issues and plans to make. Obviously you are sure the leaders are concerned about that and working on that and this makes all employees stress free. Same way you are just an employee in the industry of God so don't stress yourself on how to run the industry just do what God tells you to do that's your job and call.

Age doesn't qualify or disqualify you, education level the same having faith is all that qualifies a man. The Bible encourages let not fear near you just because you think you are not perfect for you is to obey and do what God tells you for helping will definitely help you in everything. Jeremiah thought he was too young and still more illiterate on spiritual matters as he was a boy. On the other hand God saw potential and a perfect prophet for the nation. This is how God sees you too, he sees a great person and able to change the world, so do not fear just do as God directs you that's all.

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