NIV Jeremiah 29.13

Verse Jeremiah 29.13

13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Verse Jeremiah 29.13 You Will Seek Me

Kenzo Kimble opinion on Verse Jeremiah 29.13 You Will Seek Me

It is pretty obvious that we cannot do anything without God no matter how many times we try. That is why in this verse He is calling us to seek Him with all of our hearts and by so doing we will find Him. Of cause it is up to a person to take a decision if he wants Him or not. Everyone is entitled to their own decision. He is calling everyone to seek Him because He loves us and wants only the best for His children.

God knows what is important to our lives and when we seek Him, everything will be added unto our lives. When God speaks about we will find Him, it means when a person takes the first step to recognize their sins. This requires a total repentance, asking forgiveness to God and He will forgive all your sins. If someone does not see their mistakes, it becomes hard for them to be blessed.

The Lord wants us to pour our hearts to Him by seeking Him with all our hearts and souls. He wants us to trust Him by sharing everything that is in our hearts. This can be either something that has been bothering you for a while and you do not trust anyone, the Lord says that you can can come to Him. You can also speak to Him like you are talking to a friend. It does not have to be a serious prayer sometimes, just tell Him everything and after that you will feel free.

When you do all the above, the Lord will lift you up. Remember that He said you will definitely find Him when you decide to seek Him and that is for sure. It is one of the promises He gave us in His word. He always fulfills His promises no matter what the case may be. As He also says that He knows the plans He has for us and all you need is to trust Him your whole heart. Imagine give your life in the hands of someone who can do everything you ask Him to do and do it perfectly as you have requested. It is such a nice feeling and brings more hope on great things that will come in your life and those things that are already happening.

All things are possible with Him even those you see and believe it will be a miracle for them to happen. These things come falling like a rain when you give your all to Him, accepting Him as your Lord and Saviour of your life. The verse also speaks about the Holy Spirit although it did not specify but the person that you will receive when you seek Him is the Holy Spirit. He is the one that brings peace and joy even when things do not look good in your life. You always have that assurance that everything is going to turn up right in God's timing. Holy Spirit also teaches you to remain calm and patient in hardships.

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