NIV Jeremiah 3.1

Verse Jeremiah 3.1

6 During the reign of King Josiah, the Lord said to me, "Have you seen what faithless Israel has done? She has gone up on every high hill and under every spreading tree and has committed adultery there.

Verse Jeremiah 3.6 During The Reign

Isabel Napier opinion on Verse Jeremiah 3.6 During The Reign

Today, it has become very normal for people to rebel against the things that are morally correct. Many people do not want to follow laid down rules or commandments in schools and organizations. Have ever wondered what would happen, if there was no law and other in the world. It is certain that the crime rate will increase to a level that there will be total disorder. The ability to respect instituted laws is the gateway to establishing a peaceful society. In the days of prophet Jeremiah, the people of Israel were given rules to abide by but the vehemently contravened.

God is the administrator of all created things, therefore He has all authority or leaders on earth are under his command. When God raises a leader, it is His desire to use that person to help the people live in harmony. There are many cases in the bible when God chose people at different times to lead His people. While some of the prophets and Kings God appointed were good, others were usually disobedient like Saul and they ended up in destruction. Consequently, we must learn to imbibe the virtues of obedience because God is pleased with a loyal servant.

As parents we expect our children to grow up and be successful in life. God has given parents to charge over their children so that they will lead exemplary lives. Our parents usually are our guide in life and we are greatly influenced by their actions, either positively or negatively. It is very common today to hear people say that parents are to blame for the waywardness exhibited by their children. A father who is well behaved often impacts that virtue of being responsible to His chis children. In addition, we are expected to follow the guidelines our parents have shown us to be successful in life.

However, in this reading, we see God scolding His people especially the fathers of Israel. He is disappointed by their attitude and decided to use His prophet to send a message to them. God is a loving Father who wants His children to become the best. He could strike all of them dead or inflict them with a kind of sickness but He decided to warn them.

Also, the issue of committing adultery was also mentioned in this verse. The rate of adultery today is alarming especially among Christians who are expected to do the right thing. Adultery has made people to abandon their family in favour of sinful pleasures. Unfortunately, some countries have legalized adultery, thereby working against the commands of God.

It is clearly written in the commandments that we should not commit adultery, why then do we disobey?. So many reasons have been outlined on why people seek sexual satisfaction outside their matrimonial bed. There are some persons who believe that marrying one man or woman is totally wrong, they want to have more than one. In their quest for greater pleasure, they sleep with multi-partners and end up with deadly diseases. We must learn to be faithful to God and renounce all other God.

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