NIV Jeremiah 3.3

Verse Jeremiah 3.3

8 I gave faithless Israel her certificate of divorce and sent her away because of all her adulteries. Yet I saw that her unfaithful sister Judah had no fear; she also went out and committed adultery.

Verse Jeremiah 3.8 I Gave Faithless

Brett Meza opinion on Verse Jeremiah 3.8 I Gave Faithless

Judah was a city that God would bless it with things that their king's needed. But then we see as a favored city then God's anger had to fall on it as we are told that there was sinners. This is what we are told that most of them from Judah had to commit as adultery as we see God want us to be more faithful with his word. Unfaithfulness is what we are told to avoid as Christian we see how Judah will not have to see that kingdom of God for being with had behaviors that are not acceptable by Almighty God. Adultery was then to be hard for us as we believe in Christ who need us to be more faithful.

We are to have faith as that of Judah that we see from remnants. This is after almighty God had to see what the King of Judah was leading others. As we are told adultery was what as Judah was practicing as from the holy verse of bible God want us to follow him. We are to behave well for God to love us all that we are to live forever. God almighty need us to be faithful as then we may never have to give up on anything that we may face. It's through the hand of God that we may live to proclaim God's words that are good for us as Christian.

Then God tell us how Judah had to lead in adultery which we are told is condemned in holy book of Bible as we see from God's words. Adultery made judah not to be a prosperous city as we are told from God's bible as we see that we may be punished. As we see how Sodom had to be destroyed that is why we are warned by God. What does the Bible say about a woman as we commits adultery.

The Bible doesn’t look favorably on adultery at Old Testament doesn’t give you very good outcomes: if caught in the act, you are to be stoned (men and women). With evidence, a man can divorce the wife simply by giving her a certificate. It was a very male dominated society, and at least based on Jesus’ word, this wasn’t God’s plan, it was a option to placate people. People in the Bible belt have the highest numbers of STD’s in their teenage children And mostly in their teen age daughters. 1 in 3 are infected right now. This seriously reflects on these ideas of false religion.

The New Testament doesn’t make adultery acceptable It does allow it to be forgiven by believing and accepting God/Jesus as the leader in your life. From God’s perspective, if you accept this condition, your sins are forgive Bible is clear that it is about as bad as it gets in terms of a destructive force (evil) for children and our descendants. Not only that it is a sin against your own body, and shortens your life, gives you diseases that can cause fetal mutations in your babies

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