NIV Jeremiah 41.2

Verse Jeremiah 41.2

17 And they went on, stopping at Geruth Kimham near Bethlehem on their way to Egypt

Verse Jeremiah 41.17 And They Went On

Farrah Rosa opinion on Verse Jeremiah 41.17 And They Went On

Geruth was near Egypt as we see from bible that many of those that had to stay in that city had a chance to interact with israelites. As we see that Israelites would then be given a chance to walk all throughout various cities such as Geruth was then wondering each city that was in that village from the city that is when all Israel's then wake up early to meet their fellow as we see that some had faith in god. Almighty God was to leas each city as we see some had to tell that it was their king who forced them into that city a city that was really looking forward see how its people would react on their leaders.

From what is written then we see these readings are hood for us to see how it's good to relate with friends. Such that as friends are the ones to help us while we may need help. As we read then God is telling Egypt that it may be their Geruth to camp there for all would be accepted to any that may occupy that city from the verse. Geruth was know to be a city that Egypt was to depend on as we see some would then get some assistance from there as trading was with them. Then Israel would then committed to them as Geruth was to be in eastern part of Egypt as we see most of those that came from Israel would then come from Egypt.

Kimham was near Bethlehem as we see the fitting that Jesus grew up in as we are told. Then from the verse of holy Bible that God made all those that would camp there to see each day was a blessing. With reason why we should stay well with others as we may receive blessings from God he's the one who died for us to receive blessings that may be upping as we read. From the green that we see God is there to guide us when we may feel to lose it that is while courage is given to us as storms will be there. For us to believe in him as God who will guide each of us as we are told from the Bible verse.

That we may live to see God's hand which is a blessing to each one of you who trust in him. We see that God will then allow us to find favor that may not be added up upon us all. God is faithful to us as we see Bethlehem was a place that we learn of born to Jesus Christ as we learn that many would come to that city. To see where Jesus was born as Bethlehem was the one to receive a Savior who was born to us all for salvation.

Salvation that holds everything that was probably put in Bethlehem as a city that may be from God's power as we see from the verse that it's not sorrows feel for all Egyptians.

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