NIV Jeremiah 48.35

Verse Jeremiah 48.35

35 In Moab I will put an end to those who make offerings on the high places and burn incense to their gods,"declares the Lord.

Verse Jeremiah 48.35 In Moab I Will P

Anson Patton opinion on Verse Jeremiah 48.35 In Moab I Will P

Moab had to give offerings to God as we are told that all wanted blessings from God. It was there in Moab where all were to offer burnt insensitive to God as we are told the high priest was to be involved. The high priest was the one who was leading all of them in guiding all those that wished to offer anything to their almighty. We see from the verse that Moab was then to be blessed with gifts as well with the burnt offer that were given to the high priest.

Then God says that even those that are on the race God will make them reach to their destiny as he's God who knows what we are after. We should always remind him the needs we want him to fulfil in our lives as he's God who will improve your standard of living. You are not alone in this journey that is what God want you to know how he loves those that are keeping his trust. From the verse God will bless each of those that are powerful of standing with his name.

This is by preaching the gospel of God to the press conference so that those that don't know God may know how he's a merciful God. While you don't need to stay idle the bible says that when you are idle that is the time one is tempted to do evils. Then to avoid this then we need to be involved in church activities as from the verse that is we are expected of as a Christian.

God want us to give him offerings that will please him as Savior Jesus Christ. We are told that giving offering to God will make us have good relationship with almighty God as we are to make him happy always as we are told by him. He's Savior who will receive those gifts that are given to him with open arms as we are told. Moab is a city that made sacrifices for God alone as their Savior.

Offerings give us a chance to be blessed by Savior Christ as we see how God's will bless each one who trust in God only as we even can tell from God's words of offering. It was in Moab where all people would offer to God gifts that are loved by God as Savior Jesus Christ who offer us.

In Galatians, Paul writes that if any offering or burnt incense “another gospel” than what “we, that is to say, the Apostles, generally, have preached, let him be cut off. To the Thessalonians, to pay (equal) heed both to the Apostles teachings, whether by (spoken) word or by letter.” , though not directly on this topic, he writes the Corinthians that if any prefer one Witness even Christ Himself to the exclusion of the rest. It is as if to carve the Body of Christ as Christ Himself) into bits and factions. In this we see that the Church itself cannot be divided any more than He, of Whom it is written, not a bone of Him shall be broken.

When we love others then it's God that we are respecting as from the words that are from the bible. Then as a Christian we should read bible always as you will not get much more apart from the bible.

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