NIV Jeremiah 52.29

Verse Jeremiah 52.29

29 in Nebuchadnezzar’s eighteenth year,832 people from Jerusalem;

Verse Jeremiah 52.29 in Nebuchadnezza

Cecily Odell opinion on Verse Jeremiah 52.29 in Nebuchadnezza

It's good for us to pray to God whatever you need you are asked to call unto Nebuchadnezzar’s and he'll surely answer your prayers for all the thing's that we do God is saying that he sees you as he made us from his own image. God is saying that even what we are about to take God's know then if you only have mercy on others God will secure us from all evils. As we learn from the verse that temptation is what makes us to do wrong things. Then if we pray to God he'll ensure that we do not fall into those temptation. God will never forsake those that trust in him.

Therefore, we are told from the verse that we should help the needy ones. You will find that most of the needy ones are neglected. Nothing is good like receive blessings from God just because of helping a poor. God want us to treat those that are poor equally. We as Christians we are told that we should not let anyone to sleep with humger if we as Christians can just offer something. Then God is telling us to neve give uo on helping as the more you give as a Christians the more God will add more to your territory. The verse says that giving out what as Christians have is just like making God to expand your territories.

God is never late to bless his people God will bring your blessings to your door step. We are told of how God would send birds to take to Nebuchadnezzar’s food so that she could not die of hunger. The same God can do to those that need food God will provide to you everything you might need.

Almighty God is giving example on how those that are worshiping God will perish. From the verse he says that he'll make your land to be unfetile like those found in forest. God is in anger for the sinners we are continuing to sin yet God want us to be on his hand with him. That's why God is proclaiming these that are of destruction that is a warning to all the sinners. God is saying that those that are not following what is in the holy book will have to perish just like the way a patient perish after a long ilness.

We as Christians then we shoukd not let Gods anger to kill us the verse is good for us to let us know that we can change behaviors. Lord is saying that he'll destroy even then fertile fields it means tbat then God is much more angry with us. Destroying the fertile foelds means that all your riches will be taken away if only we don't repent. God is saying that we will be like that sick patient who struggles with the diseases but later dies. It's better to stay safe than to die such a painful death then to avoid these then we are required to know God better.

If you believe something, and you were taught it by a teacher, then you have justified belief. Then if your teacher was wring about it, it is not true, and you do not have knowledge. It is not a perfect system for determining knowledge, and some things are “unknowable” under this system. We may have found, however, that it suffices for all every-day issues and most academic ones

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