NIV Job 1.21

Verse Job 1.21

21 and said:"Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.[c]The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised."

Verse Job 1.21 and Said:

Jaquan Dickinson opinion on Verse Job 1.21 and Said:

According to the verse of article give of Job 1:21, you can have a feeling from the words that Job says. As he said nakad he came from his mother's womb and nakade he will depart, you can notice that it's a cry from a person who has endured a lot. This was said when he had lost almost everything, right from his family and friends who asked while mocking him to denie God and die. Even this couldn't move Job, as he was a strong follower of our lord Jesus Christ the one whom God the most high was well pleased of.

When we look at Job's persecution, it wasn't because he was a bad man or sinner but God accepted the devil to test him. We later on see that while the devil was rouming, it came across the servant of God with clear notice it wanted to challenge his faith. Job was so deep in faith, that even the loss of his children could not make him turn his faith away from the most high God. This is what pleases God, as he can only be moved by our faith and not other things which the current world has failed to pertake.

Most Christians in the current world think that, if you go through pain and suffering it means God has rejected you and this makes you a winner. However it's reverse since God can only only temptation upon us which we can bear and they are to increase your faith. These challenges are not set for us to fail but to over come as servernts and followers of the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob. As it says there is no temptation beyond our ability to overcome. Therefore it calls up you to have faith that cannot be shaken.

After job had lost everything he had worked for or blessed with, he stood in faith letting God do His will as he couldn't understand what was happening to his life. This probed his friends and wife, to curse him saying he was an abomination and deserved to die basing on what was brought upon him. They all forgot who Job was a strong believer in the most High God. Even the staunch follower to be challenged, sparkles a lot of questions in the Christian religion as some think it's only a soft smooth road that you sail on till the end.

Job's story in the Bible teaches you that, no matter what you face in life never lose hope and faith in the Lord as it might be a step for you to advance to another level of your faith and journey of salvation. This journey has got a lot of challenges for all Christians, whether old or new converts trails will always come your way. These are meant for you to over come, as we see that Job overcame and was able to be rewarded for his faith in the Lord. All that he had lost from property to his own blood God greatly rewarded him.

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