NIV Job 1.22

Verse Job 1.22

22 In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.

Verse Job 1.22 In All This, Job

Gray Roberts opinion on Verse Job 1.22 In All This, Job

All things work together for good to them that Love God, such is the story of Job. God confirms his servant Job as a perfect and upright man in the face of the earth before Satan. Satan in return thinks that Job loves God because he has blessed him abundantly and has built a hedge of protection all around him. God permits Satan to prove him wrong by destroying all Job's belongings including his own health. When Satan began to destroy Job's properties and children expecting him to denounce God, this was no reason enough to persuade Job that God is not his creator to the extend of denying him.

In an effort to frustrate the Faith of Job, Satan stretched his hand against the health of Job by infecting his whole body with sores. This did not change the mind of Job nor derail his faith as he trusted God as the giver and taker of everything existing on earth. Despite these pain, the bible says Job did not utter a word to sin against God. The wife of Job who could not bear the pains and sufferings of her husband urged him to curse God and die rather than suffering in such pains and desperation.

Job rebuked his wife for being ungrateful to God and for not bearing moments of difficulties as the wife was already discouraged to hold unto faith as a result of the test of righteousness. It came a time when the Three friends of Job heard of his ailments, they rushed from far to comfort him and propose some solutions they thought could remedy the situation. After seeing his devastated health situation and all his predicaments on the loss of properties, his flocks and children, they resorted to counsel him to forsake God and die to free from the pains of death.

Though this were very challenging moments for Job, he did not see God failing to deliver him but trusted God the more. Instead of yielding to the advise of his friends to curse God, he took his revenge to curse the day he was born. All efforts to convince Job by his friends could not yield any fruits but rather strengthened his faith in God with full knowledge of his awesome power of blessings and restoration. Job in his great pains became a preacher to his three friends to dismiss their faithlessness towards the will of God for his creatures.

God restores the health of Job and all his possessions a hundred fold after overcoming the evil works of Satan, the perilous words of his wife and of his three friends. Job prayed for his friends and the Lord God blessed him double for his faithfulness. Although Job lost everything he had including his own health, death or life in pains like in any other way agreed with what Paul wrote in his Gospel that to die is gain and to live is Christ. In all this Job did not sinned nor charged God foolishly.

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