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21 For what do they care about the families they leave behind when their allotted months come to an end?

Verse Job 21.21 For What Do They

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Job 21:21

Job asks his friends, "of what importance is the wicked man's family when he is dead?". This was a response to the arguments of his friends, Bildad and Zophar [Chapters 18 and 20] that a wicked man's happiness is short-lived as he gets punished by God here on earth [Job 18:5 and 20:5]. Those friends believed that Job was wicked and was being punished by God for his wickedness. He goes on to assure them that his gripe is actually not against them but against God [Job 21:4] who he believes is punishing him yet he is righteous.

Previously Job was convinced by his friends that wicked men had short-lived triumphs, die prematurely and painfully, leaving their children to serve the poor and is going to be forgotten forever [Job 20]. But from his personal experience Job comes to the realization that retribution theology is not always true His friends who are supposedly consoling him are in real sense mocking him for championing the idea of retribution theology. He therefore demands that they give him their ears and when he is done talking they are free to continue with their mockery of him.

He says that the wicked grow very old and more powerful contrary to what they believed at first [Job 21:7]. Their children as well enjoy long and more quality lives. His children died in a storm while in a feast at his eldest son's place [Job 1:18]. Job's friends were of the idea that children of the wicked always met with calamities in life. The cattle of the wicked reproduce excellently as opposed to Job's which were struck by lightning. They lived a life full of happiness, excellence and prosperity.

The wicked do not want God to be present in their lives and they see no need for knowing His ways nor do they see the importance of praising God [Job 21:14-15]. However, they die peaceful deaths, void of pain and suffering [Job 21:13] despite being defiant to God. Ironically, it is God who provides all that the wicked possess [Job 21:16]. In summary, the lights of the wicked are not put out often nor pain giving unto them.

But Job wonders why God waits and punish the children of the wicked. He does not understand how important that is or what pain it brings upon the wicked man [Job 21:21]. Jesus Christ seemed to disagree with the idea of children being punished for the wrongs of their parents or the general punishment for doing wrong personally as seen in John 9:3. He says that some sufferings are there so that the work of God is manifested. Again, no man is fit to question God's knowledge [Job 21:22].

However, the wicked is reserved for the day of destruction and they will be judged in the day of wrath [Job 21:30]. For the righteous, we should know that our Redeemer lives and is going to stand with us in the judgement day [Job 19:25]. Even if worms destroy our bodies, we shall see God in our flesh [Job 29:26].

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