NIV Job 29.2

Verse Job 29.2

2 "How I long for the months gone by, for the days when God watched over me,

Verse Job 29.2 

Adeline Hebert opinion on Verse Job 29.2 

How I long for the months gone by are the words of Job recalling his past moments of happiness and he misses them. He is going through a lot of suffering and is stressed because he wonders why it has to be him yet he has not offended his creator. His life has been so good before and he has seen the Lord taking care of him and that gives him hope of moving on. God blessed him with children and a lot of wealth and he was thankful but he no longer has them. All that is left is just but painful memories that he recalls and is filled with sorrow because they are not there anymore. He has lost his children to death and all his livestock too and has a disease that does not let him do anything at all and the feeling is miserable.

For the days that God watched over me means that he feels like God has abandoned him and does not care about his welfare anymore. He is recalling the times when nothing would go wrong and his enemies suffered shame after they see him prosper. His condition now makes him feel that God is no longer watching over him and does not care about how he feels. He expects that God will take away the disease that has struck him and the pain seems to get worse each day. God cannot do anything for he has granted Satan permission to put his servant to test in every way so that He us glorified through Him. Job does not understand what is going on and all he wonders is why God has left the devil to torment him.

Humans must understand that at times God will have so much confidence in them that He wants to prove the devil wrong. Job thought God was not watching over him but in real sense, he was and He wanted to see him stop suffering since He cares for those who trust in Him. Satan is also a demon who does not give up and always wants to bring down the servants of God by putting them to test. He thought that taking the wealth of Job would make him curse God and say that might He does not even exist but Job proved him wrong. God on the other hand was happy and his love towards Job grew stronger and He rewarded Him well.

There is no time God will sit back and watch His servants suffer without doing something and in any case it happens, he always has His own reasons. God wants to see how strong the faith of those who trust in Him by bringing them hard times. Even when Christians go through difficult times, they must not give up and rebuke God and they are supposed to prove the devil wrong. Faith in God is rewarded greatly and he appreciates anyone who is ready to sacrifice for the sake of the gospel and do not give in no matter what they face.

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