NIV Job 38.22

Verse Job 38.22

22 "Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail,

Verse Job 38.22 

Joziah Hinson opinion on Verse Job 38.22 

A christain must be careful of the timing that he has found himself in, so that he should not miss that which has been prepared for him, something that will be very painful if it happens. If he happens to miss that day of favor from Him some people would say, he can take more than the necessary period of waiting, which the soul does not ever need. Waiting for long for the answer from Him could be frustrating to people, since they do not have that spiritual gift of patience, and I no time, they shall burn out. Burning out of their light, they go deeper into the dark side of their hearts, and they are gradually getting lost, all for the reply which he wants to give in a timed manner. He does not just do things any how, the things that He creates and makes to manifest are as results of the step by step approach which He has used during creation. Orderly and well-arranged, the creation story all happened in the span of six days full of schedules, what humans need to see, not to get impatience.

There were two men who got the hint that a particular land was full of precious stones like gold, and they set out one day, to start digging up to mine all what they could get. Before they started, they divided the land into two parts, each taking a part to dig, and afterwards, they both got to work and worked for many hours without stopping. They continued for long without finding anything, and they almost lost hope when the first man reached three large ones in the ground, which looked rare. Happy he was, and so he went on, and the other one with what had happened was raised in spirit that he would soon find his own, which he definitely did not. He was got more impatient after he found out that his friend had found one more, and left his side to join him in digging faster, something that he did not like. His friend moved to the one that he had left as he had assumed his own, but to cut the tale minimal, the impatience in him did not make him see anything more.

He who was diligent enough to go to where was abandoned began to dig up stones in great numbers, and also ten times bigger than those that were formerly found. The other was not happy because it could have been him with the rewards, but he did not wait long enough to achieve this, the life of Job was almost like this too. Enduring all that had happened to him, the test was soon getting over when he started to say the words of a drunken person as a meditation, the Lord called him to order. In comparison to what you do not know, the ratio is far greater to what you do know, and so you must only trust Him, who knows all, including the future ahead.

The mercy that man has received is never to be quantified with what he has done to merit this grace, which is absolutely nothing.

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