NIV Job 9.15

Verse Job 9.15

15 Though I were innocent, I could not answer him; I could only plead with my Judge for mercy.

Verse Job 9.15 Though I Were In

Jaquan Dickinson opinion on Verse Job 9.15 Though I Were In

Job 9:15

Though I were innocent,I couldn't answer him,I could only plead for mercy.

This is not to be understood of righteousness of his cause that Job made no supposition of.But strongly determined to hold fast as long as he lived,nor of his evangelic righteousness of faith he was living. Making mention of this righteousness, one may plead the righteousness of Christ with God as his justifying one and hold it up against all charges brought against him.By presenting this to God by faith he answers all demands of the law of God.It being made honourable and all that the justice of God can require.

But Job speaks of his own legal and civil righteousness as a good man and a good magistrate.He was a man that feared God, hated evil,his sense is that though he should behave well in every respect and order his conversation alright before men they could have nothing to lay to him. In the eye of his law and in the account of divine justice. Being not only imperfect but impure,attended with many sins, therefore no good man will put his cause before God on such an issue, however he may before men.

Job seems to carry this point yet further that though he had a sinless righteousness of his own and was as righteous as Adam before his fall,yet he wouldn't insist upon righteousness before God.He knew that inhabitants of heavens and man in his best estate were not pure in his sight but chargeable with imperfection and in comparison with him.When he says he couldn't 'answer' him,he means that he would not answer to question that was asked him.but that he wouldn't answer him in judicial way.

He should prefer a bill against him,than put in an answer to it.Though he knew nothing by himself and could not charge himself with anything wrong in thought or word or deed,yet if God charged him with it he would not reply against Him.

He might not know he had done anything amiss or there was imperfection in him,yet God who was greater than his heart and knows all things is the heart searching and rein trying God he knew better than him.Being determined to submit to him and be set down by him what he was.

That is God the judge of the whole earth who is particularly the judge of his people and defender,their judge and lawgiver who will save them for though he is just and a righteous judge yet a saviour,they can come to him not only as the God of all grace and as their God and Father in Christ,but to him as to God the judge of all,and lay their case before him,and entreat his protection,and this Job chose to do rather than contend with him,for by "supplication" prayer is meant as it frequently is in both testaments and signifies such prayer as consists of petitions for Grace and mercy or for things to be bestowed in a way of grace and mercy not according to merit.

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