NIV John 8.4

Verse John 8.4

15 You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one.

Verse John 8.15 You Judge By Hum

Ariya Ybarra opinion on Verse John 8.15 You Judge By Hum

Human beings are work in progress, who ever says is perfect does know understand what the death of Jesus Christ meant to human beings. The bible says that judge not, this is a call to human beings to refrain from judging other human beings. Imagine if God had to judged us publicly and on a daily basis, the world would be full of criticisms, confusions and violence in order to clear the judged ones. People face various challenges in their lives and the choices each one makes does not define who the person really is. Off course people make bad choices and they end up blamed, but do you really know the number of choices they have at hand to choose from? Maybe the decision someone makes can be the best decision he/she chose among the ones she/he had.

Do not judge if you don't really know what your friend is going through. Some times we judge based on the messages we read when for example someone goes through your cell phone without your permission. And read messages, you do not know the basis of that conversation and what read to whatever you have read, you judge because you do not understand anything. God knew that judging is unfair because he understands us and we don't understand each other, he told us to love one another and not judge for he knows that love is easy. Judging brings hatred and can cause death to some extent, it is understandable why sexually abused children fail to come out and report. They fear to be judged because each time a woman reports that she is raped or something, people judge you first in stead of helping you. Judging is sin and it is not something to tolerate, a lot of people are suffering today with stuff on their heart's that they are failing to disclose because they do not want to be judged.

The bible says that before you remove the pluck in your neighbors eye, start by removing what is in your eye first so that you see clearly. You cannot be judging people everyday as if you are the perfect one. God would not have allowed you to be born if you were perfect, the world has been turned into hell by people who always think they are right before others. People are being judged by their tribes, religions and their color of birth which most of them have been prosecuted for and the world is divided because of color.

Individuals are judged by the way they dress, talk, walk and even how they eat and raise their children. God had the ability to look into the heart and perfection is in the heart and not outward appearances. We don't know anything about them the best we can do is just to love or ignore rather than judging people anyhow. Life is hard, we need not to contribute to peoples sufferings, spreading love is what is need today for world is not an easy place anymore.

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