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Verse Judges 13.19

19 Then Manoah took a young goat, together with the grain offering, and sacrificed it on a rock to the Lord. And the Lord did an amazing thing while Manoah and his wife watched:

Verse Judges 13.19 Then Manoah Took

Alyanna Mckinley opinion on Verse Judges 13.19 Then Manoah Took

Manoah was a man who joined his spouse in seeking the lord’s help to make them parent of a child since they had waited to no avail, so they sought God intensely. Their need for a child wasn’t hidden to Jehovah who can give everything without holding back, he knew they are barren and was still watching them. The testimony is coincidental with Philistines intrusion, coincidental with the period when laws and precepts where not used by the land or followed by the majority.

Since there weren’t king and there weren’t judges then their lawlessness and bending of rules can’t keep them to be in line with Yahweh, no, he will be far. So Manoah was an auspicious man and that was why he didn’t take in a second woman to see if she can get him a young child after some time. No Manoah was not part of the multitude and lawbreakers, those who perverted the mosaic rules and did copy the things they learnt from their neighbors. His wife loved the almighty too she was pure and that was why angel of God could relate with her, only pure intent and faithful or promising Israelites have been talked to by angels.

Another angelic message of child bearing is repeated here, another one since the time of Sarah’s encounter which was hundreds of years before the judges came. So God used their bareness to solve Israel’s present need to get breathing space from their choky enemies, he want a solution to their excessive patronization. Therefore Manoah’s family received the task to produce the interim savior, to father a man that will disturb and frustrate the notorious country and repay their evil. The waited and a promise that superseded their trouble had come, the visit of God with good tidings, a gift of a brave boy that will make their nation winners and subdue oppressors. They wanted to offer the angel a goat so he could consume it, but he said he can’t consume such a thing, and the better way was to give the animal to God himself.

Therefore the goat was burnt as the offering from the couple to thank the giver of child and every good miracles, which a man can’t create or give to a fellow man. And Jehovah regarded the offering of the small goat which they made directly to him, even though they weren’t priests, but he took in their offering. Now he show wonders in response to the sacrifice of the goat but the wonder was not documented, but surely he must have made them encounter what no man had seen at all. When God shut his response that is not the end, he might have bigger response to add to your request and this response will be a holistic one. Yes Jehovah’s response is holistic, he solves everything by combining solutions inside one single solution, by combining a series of answer inside a response. He combined response to barrenness with the solution to depose the philistines, this was a holistic reply from our lord.

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