NIV Judges 17.10

Verse Judges 17.10

10 Then Micah said to him, "Live with me and be my father and priest, and I’ll give you ten shekels[d] of silver a year, your clothes and your food."

Verse Judges 17.10 Then Micah Said

Jayson Thorpe opinion on Verse Judges 17.10 Then Micah Said

In this verse Micah had thirsted for God and wanted to grow closer to him and did not mind the cost of keeping the priest. He would do anything to make the man of God stay in his home as as to draw him close to God. It shows that Micah was a troubled man and needed someone to show him the way forward and help him out of his miserable situation. He was willing to feed the parson and dress him and in return he was to help him make offerings to God in order to please him for God had departed from his home. Micah needed a guide and hence he asked the parson if he could be his father. He wanted someone who could correct him and show him the right path towards knowing God again as he had been raised well by his mother but he stole from her and in result the mother cursed him.

The parson would have left in search for a place to stay if Micah had not shown his willingness to keep the him in his home compound. He had to make a good deal in order to convince the priest to stay. Micah knew that having a parson in his home would bring him lots of blessings and hence did not want to loose him. This was the reason he offered to pay, feed and dress him. The priest was a Levite, in Israel Levites did not have their own land but lived with the rest of the tribes as priests as it had been commanded.

Micah did not only offer to pay the levite, he also offered to make him part of his family. He was so strategic with what he wanted from the priest as he new making him part of his family would only mean that God's presence would never depart from his compound and his generations would be blessed through out the years to come. when Micah was saying this words he portrayed humility by asking another man, an outsider to be his father. What he had experienced without God in his home made him realize that only God's presence could take away his sorrows and sufferings.

He did not want the levite to leave his home and so he offered every single thing that he knew the priest would want in order to stay. Micah offered comfort and a sense of of belonging to the stranger priest who had no where to live and had nothing to call his own. He knew that his offer was so good for the priest to turn down.

This verse teaches us Christians that we should thirst for God like Micah did and try to do all that we can to ensure that God's presence does not depart from us. Micah did not care too much on what he was to give the man of God, he thought of what he would get in return if the priest agreed to his terms . However big or small the sacrifice, God's presence amongst us is the most important thing as his goodness never departs from a man who thirsts for him.

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