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Verse Judges 6.36

36 Gideon said to God, "If you will save Israel by my hand as you have promised -

Verse Judges 6.36 Gideon Said To G

Canyon Tovar opinion on Verse Judges 6.36 Gideon Said To G

It is evident that Gideon was able to here from God directly using His angel. He was able to receive miracles from God at many a times. We know from our daily lives that people are very doubtful. The same applied to Gideon too, he was not an exception to this claim. Well, to be honest with you he felt he had no human ability to deal with what was in front of him at that particular point in time.

The the main idea in that line is very simple, we are to trust God when he tells us to do a thing. My people will try to relate to this and try to apply in in their lives so as to test whether is really God. As a matter of fact this should not be anyway near to the way that we are suppose to be with our God. going back to the previous verses we clearly notice how Gideon really wanted to prove whether it really God. Fist he gets assurance that the Lord is with him in verse twelve of the same chapter. However, this did not sound right to Gideon for they had been oppressed by the Midi an for seven years.

In this situation he was right to question God and surprisingly that is the first thing he does. He asks God that why have they gone through that contrary to what they knew about their ancestors. This then tells us that he had every right to question him. He is then given assurance by God by the word of mouth. It is very clear that he was not very convinced by that so he goes ahead to as for miracles.

The miracles happen just as he had asked but he goes on to demand for more. More and more signs are given to him as he asks for them. This now brings us to verse thirty six; which I may describe as descriptive rather than a prescriptive verse. Why am I saying so? This was an event that described an occurrence at a particular period in history of the bible.

To say that its not prescriptive, I mean that we are not to do the same way as Gideon did. As a present day christian God has given us the privileged of reading from his word, the Bible. He also gave us a helper in the Holy Spirit to guide us in our daily activities. This happened after he had taken his only son Jesus Christ after the death and arising with great victory to the kingdom of God.

Whenever we make choices or faced with difficulty as a christian we are not panic. Many Christians tend to look around for signs that God is around or ask for the sign. This should not be case at all if we are true believers in Christ our Savior.

The words that Gideon uttered showed a sense of not truly confirming that it was God. That is depicted in the tone used to say the words. So we should not apply it in the present time but use it as an example of what we ought not to do. That is my take in this verse and thank you.

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