NIV Leviticus 11.29

Verse Leviticus 11.29

29 "‘Of the animals that move along the ground, these are unclean for you: the weasel, the rat, any kind of great lizard,

Verse Leviticus 11.29 

Shay Dutton opinion on Verse Leviticus 11.29 

In these scriptures of God, you will find the Lord's guidance on the things you should eat so as not to offend Him. He must not eat any of the animals that move along the ground because these will make you unclean. Having mentioned some of these animals, such as rats and lizards of all kinds. There are so many foods that God has created for man. You can eat other animals but not crawling on the ground. Cereal foods are good for your body, they will give you the strength to praise the One who created you. There are even birds flying in the sky, you can eat them without any worries and they will not harm you.

You may recall God's promise of a wonderful future for mankind and the stress of being prevented from eating this kind of animal. It is good to remember that man was created by God who also created all other creatures on earth. As He knows you better than you think, he knows what you should eat and what you should drink. Do not eat the things he forbids, you will hurt your stomach and defile yourself Worse yet, you will have wronged the one who created you again who will judge you at the last day. You have no reason to contaminate illegal foods if there are so many innumerable foods worldwide, come out today do curiosity you will find you are greatly blessed by your God.

These reptiles are not clean, they are unclean and do not fit in with you considering the fact that you were created in the image of God. The ancients knew this law well and did not make fun of the basics. This situation has been different, people are no longer considering this tradition as they see everything is right for them. If you visit different parts of the world, you will come across a large mammal market with vendors claiming to be civilized. Do not be like these people, for their days are numbered. Some people brag that no food is unclean. You cannot honor one word of God at the same time ignoring other words from Him, so, it is difficult for your prayers to be acceptable to God if you have deliberately defiled yourself by ignoring his commands, and that is dangerous for you.

True believers respect all of God's words, knowing that the Lord is in control of everything He says with His mouth. And you must keep yourself pure before the Lord by eating what you were allowed by him who created you. By doing so, you will gain eternal life and your prayers will be accepted before the one who will judge you. There are countless foods that you can eat and be blessed, if you say them by name then you will not be able to finish the full number. God accepts the prayers of pure people who keep their bodies in truth and righteousness. If you eat these reptiles it is abomination to him who created all things.

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