NIV Leviticus 11.30

Verse Leviticus 11.30

30 the gecko, the monitor lizard, the wall lizard, the skink and the chameleon.

Verse Leviticus 11.30 the Gecko, The M

Martina Mills opinion on Verse Leviticus 11.30 the Gecko, The M

Christianity is one of the famous religions with rules laid down by their object of worship called God to protect and guide all Christians. Christians have a holy book they call Bible that shows them the principles of God. This holy book tells them how to act in accordance with the rules laid down by God.

First five books of the Bible is believes to be written by a Prophet called Moses through which the people of Israel were delivered from their bondage by divine instructions from their Supreme Being. The third book which is called Leviticus houses most of the rules that were placed down by Yahweh for his children to follow. Leviticus highlights the clean and unclean things as places down by the Supreme Being. Chapter eleven of this book talks about animals that were deemed clean and unclean for human consumption as well as spiritual purposes. These animals were listed, showed to be clean for the children of Israel as they wandered through desserts. God's children followed these rules on their journey to the place designated for them, a promised Land where riches and prosperity would readily be at their disposal.

Deities are known to have concerns of their followers as their top priority throughout all religions. Christian religion's deity is no exception to this rule with how he ensured the safe journeys of His children through the desserts to the land he had promised to give to them. He is known by many names and appellations such as Yahweh, Jehovah, El-shaddai among others. Rules made known to them by God through chosen Prophets like Moses guided God's people on their journey. It is safe to assume that Yahweh is indeed what Christians say about him. Jehovah is believed to be a kind, loving and caring deity who would stop at nothing to ensure the safety of Christians. True to their assumption, People belonging to Christianity always find time to sing songs of praises to Jehovah, showering praises upon praises to his name.

Christians boasts of Jehovah's undying kindness and mercies through peaceful acts of deeds he manifests to them even when they are in their weakest state.

Throughout history, God showed love towards Christians with guidelines for their basic life. Leviticus brings known rules intended for the peaceful life for Christians as they were just frees form their bondage in place where idols were worshiped. Israel known as God's beloved nation were brainwashed during their bondage in Egypt which made them basically unclean to God therefore he laid down basic rules to make sure they went back to being a holy nation. Christians boasts of miraculous encounters with Yahweh, that increased their spiritual essence. With popular belief of supernatural or mystic forces revolving around the universe, most people rely on deities for maximum protection and life. Through prayers with Thanksgivings, protection and love is assured for their lives till their last breath. Not many religions can really boast of such a high and magnificent who is at their disposal no matter the time they need him.

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