NIV Leviticus 18.4

Verse Leviticus 18.4

4 You must obey my laws and be careful to follow my decrees. I am the Lord your God.

Verse Leviticus 18.4 You Must Obey My

Morgan Elkins opinion on Verse Leviticus 18.4 You Must Obey My

The use of must implies that one has no option other than complying to the law as outlined by word of God. Judgement to those doing contrary to the law will be harsh that is why strict and clear warning are put there, He likes light ways. God has put it clear that no one will evade judgement and wrath of a sinful life will be accountable by souls owner who is the Lord mighty God.

Christian should fully abide to laws of God without looking backwards. We got to live carefully is what makes us true Christians and doing will of creator. Christian are supposed to live within the law matrix of God, and we should take precautions daily to evade being trapped by devils slyness. We are equipped with full knowledge of dangers of falling for the devil. The author of every life is commanding us to obey without any excuse, God's laws and he puts it clear we shall know that He is a mighty God.

Walking the ways of Truth by doing Gods will is a must do thing, God promises to bless us, protect us from enemies. Denying earthly lives and doing Gods will requires one to be prayerful, repent always this will make ones souls to be at peace with Lord. Am lord your God occurs most of times in the Bible especially when God wanted to remind people that Lord is still in full Control of every thing in the entire creation.

God wants us to be on toes always for us to save brethren lives from the wrath of Mighty Lord. Final Judgement In everything time Lord talks to us, when we are going against his will, Heavenly master will use angels, natural disasters to communicate and still use the phrase "am the Lord you God, whenever the Israelites tried to doubt the existence of the mighty God, He will remind them that am still in full control, today's live is not any way different we are always reminded by Him that we should follow His laws whichever change the dynamic life brings to us.

Leaving a life full of Gods favors, you must live a Holly life full of devotion and repenting always. To be a true Christian it entails leaving a life that worth been called a child of the most high. Although God is most time pleased to redeem us but he gives us a free will to chose between the evil/good, sins are the worst divisive factor between man and God.

Finally God wants us to avoid sins to be His followers, let us find lost souls, let us not estate to do good The Lord God is commanding us, let not get swayed by the earthly joys to do against his will for souls has author Who is fully in charge and control every second of life. Let us live a life worthy of commandments as commented by our Lord for He is lord God Almighty. Live if useless without doing God's laws

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