NIV Leviticus 19.13

Verse Leviticus 19.13

13 "‘Do not defraud or rob your neighbor."‘Do not hold back the wages of a hired worker overnight.

Verse Leviticus 19.13 

Wyatt Weiss opinion on Verse Leviticus 19.13 

This biblical verse mainly aims at teaching about theft. We are warned of fraud and robbery, both of which are forms of stealing. God has always been against this bad act and even gave it among the Ten Commandments given to Moses. Taking something that is not yours without seeking their permission first is a sin and is punishable. The second part of this verse talks of payment to the people who work for us. It says that after someone has worked for you, it's your duty to ensure they are paid what was promised to them.

A common form of theft is corruption that happens mainly through bribery. People offer bribes for different reasons, mostly in order to gain favors. Bribery is a form of stealing because this takes away an opportunity from someone else who worked for it and deserved it. Corruption from leaders in our communities leads to little or no delivery of required services to the ordinary people. This means they are taking away other people’s rights to access what they are naturally supposed and entitled to. God punishes this wrong doing because it shows greed.

Stealing is condemned in the bible because this hurts the victim so much. Someone may have spent a lot of money or even borrowed some cash in order to buy an item. The item is valuable to them which is why they acquired it in the first place. Taking it away from them will hurt them and deprive them of the chance to enjoy their item. Furthermore, acquisition of anything illegally only attracts curses from the victim and God. It also makes the offender think that they can get things in life easily without working too hard for them. In the end, they end up being addicted to that bad and harmful behavior.

Apart from that, all workers and servants deserve to be treated well according to the scripture. They do their part by offering their services which keep us comfortable of make our work easier in one way or another. We should therefore fulfill our part by paying them as agreed so that they feel appreciated and valued. Failure to give them their wages makes them feel worthless and they think of themselves as lesser human than us, which is wrong. God made all of us equal and He expects us to treat each other in the same manner he does. Financial differences do not mean that some people are better than others.

The Lord Himself always rewarded the people who worked for Him, be it prophets or kings. He paid them through blessings and honor and kept them close to Him. This should be an example to all those in authority and they should remember that their positions have been given by the Almighty. Failing to pay hired workers on time can affect them negatively in many ways because they depend on those wages to survive. We should note that the Lord has a reason for doing everything, including giving and denying. Just the same way He gives blessings; he can also take them away and exchange them with curses.

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