NIV Leviticus 23.39

Verse Leviticus 23.39

39 "‘So beginning with the fifteenth day of the seventh month, after you have gathered the crops of the land, celebrate the festival to the Lord for seven days; the first day is a day of sabbath rest, and the eighth day also is a day of sabbath rest.

Verse Leviticus 23.39 

Chelsea Donnelly opinion on Verse Leviticus 23.39 

The instructions that the lord gave to his people is simple and for them to comply with not to have problems in life. Most of the things the lord instructed then to do through his prophets is that the seventh month of the fifteenth day must be the day they will celebrate their festival. But such are not done again because the people involved are not considering anymore because of the wrong perception that will help you in life.

Every new dimension come as a form of blessing in the realm of the spirit and the more you move the better things become. Your faithfulness really matter when you are not doing the good works that is expected of you then you will fail to lose the blessing in life. All the lord need from his people is to create a rest during the Sabbath day and worship him with all that they have with them.

It doesn't matter how you stand in life when you are not creating a fruition out of the things the lord want from you then you fail in life. Most times people have to know that the lord regard the Sabbath to be the day that should be honor towards and when the people are failing in the wring mindset then they will make themselves to lose the relevance in the spiritual realm.

When prayers failed to answer it is not the fault of the lord but those that failed to obey what the lord commanded them to do. You will arise to the highest point in life when you van make the good intention as your basis of understanding and without it then you will keep yourself down. God is doing more than you are doing and when you are working in the ways of the lord he will surely take good care of you when you are in the real place to help you up in life. It is needed to know that when God is supporting you when you are not in the deepest way to have yourself build.

You don't make yourself to get down in the realm of life but when you don't do the things rightly and suddenly needed then you will not arise in life. There are some people you will have to stop walking with to have a good blessing that will you in the way to help you in due time. Some of the good things that will make you increase in the relative way in the movement that will keep you down and without this moment will be better than others.

The more you train yourself in the business of life then the more your life will become better in the presence of others. Loving others is part of what the lord is asking from people who has surrender themselves with the wrong company for it will not benefit them. There are more to following the lord and the lifting of life will keep you down in the business of life that will make you lose your aim in life.

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